9 Ragdoll Cat behavior problems You Should Know

Ragdoll Cat behavior problems

Ragdoll cat behavior problems is a question most people who want to get a ragdoll will ask so that they fully understand what they are going into before getting a ragdoll.

And today will be looking at some pronounced Ragdoll cat behavior problems.

Ragdoll cat is one of the most popular breeds of cats in the United States, because of its temperaments, which people say its gold.

This post is not to discredit ragdolls but is better we point out what to expect while living with a ragdoll cat.

However, most of these behavior problems can be corrected through proper training and socialization.

Ragdoll Cat behavior problems

Here is the list of the basic ragdoll cat behavior problems you should note before getting a ragdoll.

Bad Sleeping Postures

Bad Sleeping Postures - Ragdoll Cat behavior problems
Bad Sleeping Postures – Ragdoll Cat behavior problems

Ragdolls are generally known to have undignified Sleeping Postures, this is a problem faced by 80% of ragdoll owners.

An average ragdoll don’t care about sleeping position, as most owners complained about their cat sleeping positions.

A ragdoll can sleep with legs widely open in an undignified manner just like the one in the above picture, this is a bad unique sleeping postures attributed to ragdolls.

When you try to correct this sleeping position, you will still come back to see them change to an entirely new posture.

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Ragdoll groom themselves a lot

Ragdoll is a breed of cat that love to groom itself a lot (this is scratching and licking their paws which leads to a health condition known as hairballs).

Hairballs occur as a result of your ragdoll injecting its fur and because the fur is not digestible, the fur will end up forming fur balls which may cause your ragdoll to throw up.

Loose hair or fur is as a result of shedding in cats, and you will need to groom your ragdoll at least once or even twice a week to avoid this fur ingestion.

Ragdolls have long hair that is easy to groom, so always find time to groom (comb) your ragdoll or be ready to spend some cash in the vet.

Irregular grooming is actually one of the major causes of hairballs in ragdolls and if you don’t groom your ragdoll just be rest assured they will groom themselves which will make them ingest their own loose hair.

Very vocal and cry a lot when in need

This is one of the major ragdoll cat behavior problems, and is almost impossible to control in most radgoll.

Ragdolls are known to be a very dependent indoor breed of cat.

When a ragdoll is in need of anything they will be very vocal and when you don’t pay attention they will be restless and may even go as far as scratching items or crying.

Ragdolls always want to be the boss, for example the want you to come and sit down with them if you’re standing, they won’t back down until you come and sit down.

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They love to wake up their owners too early

This is among the common ragdoll behavior problems most ragdoll owners experience. Ragdolls love to sleep a lot during the daytime then remain active at night.

Generally speaking, ragdolls are active cats when their owners are around them. They don’t enjoy seeing their owners sleeping while they’re awake.

Most ragdolls will wake you up around 4:30 am to 5:00 am even if their litter box is free and close to where they slept. I just feel they are being too selfish.

When you will be enjoying your early morning sleep, all of a sudden you will just see your ragdoll scratching your elbow and jumping around you until you wake up.

I just feel their sometimes being selfish because while your away working during the day, your ragdoll will be busy taking a serious nap, then when it’s time for you to enjoy your early morning sleep they will just wake you up.

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The need a Constant Companion

Ragdolls are always very interested in what their people are doing and long to be with them always.

If you allow your ragdoll it will follow you around all day long.

If you must live at peace with your ragdoll then you will have to get good moving to toys that will keep them busy while you’re doing other things.

It is just better to get a second pet that will keep them a bit busy off your back for some time.

However, if you have all the time to yourself, then you will be a good companion.

You can check The American Kennel Club website to see the best breed of dog you can get for a cat, however, it is best to get both the dog and the ragdoll at a young age.

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Too Dependent

Too Dependent - Ragdoll Cat behavior problems
Too Dependent – Ragdoll Cat behavior problems

Ragdolls were not bred to be an outdoor cat, they were bred to be the human best companions. Generally speaking, the ragdoll is among the most dependent breed of cats.

Because of how dependent they are, it is difficult to see a ragdoll in the wild or outdoor, ragdolls don’t even have good hunting instincts when compared to other cat.

Rangdolls can’t hunt and survive on their own and that is why they solely depend on their owners to provide all their basic needs, if possible to feed them with spoon.

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They love to be cuddled & carried around Like a baby

It is not a new experience for all ragdoll owners, as every ragdoll owner has a story to tell on how their love to be cuddled and carried around like a baby.

A ragdoll is ever ready to follow you around all day love, and will always want to sleep on the same bed with you.

Most Ragdolls really loved being draped over their shoulder while their owner goes about house chores and cleaning.

Ragdoll get too bonded with their owner to a point that they won’t feel happy when you are going out.

Most time ragdoll even get jealous of your newborn child and want you to carry them just the same way you are carrying your kids.

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Rangdolls are oftentimes extremely picky with food

This is an experience almost every ragdoll owner get with their ragdoll at the initial stages.

Oftentimes your ragdoll can cry and move away from a food you spend some cash to get for them.

Make sure you ask or make proper research before getting any food for your ragdoll, this is because ragdolls are prone to many health issues and are not easy to maintain.

Ragdolls are also picky when it comes to playing with toys.

If you get a play toy they don’t love they will leave it and follow you around, so be careful when getting play toys for your ragdoll.

Scratching furniture when bored

Ragdoll cat can scratch your furniture when they are calling for your attention, and you’re not listening to them, and also if you’re not trimming their claws.

They can scratch your furniture in a way to remove dead nails or claws which you have failed to take care of.

If you’re busy you can get a scratching board for them to keep them away from your furniture.

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