Why Do Cats Find New Homes: 5 Reasons

Why do cats find new homes

Why do cats find new homes – This is a question people often ask, and if you are here to see the answer to why do cats find new homes, you are in the right place?

Because today we will be looking at why your cat may try to get a new home.

Cats are pets that love to roam around within their area or territory, and for so many reasons which will be discussed today, they may decide to find another home.

Let’s summarize in one paragraph before we go into detail.

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Why do cats find new homes

Cats find new homes because they seek to find a better home and food when they get abused to a point they can’t bear.

Cats find new homes to get a quiet and peaceful environment, to get a better companion, or to get away from threats from their home, and finally, cats find new homes to own territory.

Now let’s look at some reasons why cats find new homes when they get tired of your treatments or when they are fed up with the way you handle them.

1. In Search Of Food

In Search of Food - Why do cats find new home
In Search of Food – Why do cats find new homes

Question: Why do cats find new homes? Answer: In search of food and a better environment.

A full-grown cat will always have this powerful and always driven hunting instinct that will make them leave home once they lack food.

Feeding your cat should be the primary obligation you owe to your cat if you ever want to see them remain with you.

A cat will choose the second offer when its primary home offers less quality food, while its second option gives more constant and high-quality food.

Every cat wants a good and cat-friendly environment and when you don’t offer this to your cat, expect to come back home one day to find out your cat is alone gone to its new home.

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Create a cat friendly environment from the very first day you got your kitten and allow your kitten to create or make the environment a territory.

Get high-quality cat food for your kitten and as your cat grows older you can introduce human foods gradually.

Feed your cat at least twice a day and make sure you leave food or cat treats in your cat food dispenser so that your cat won’t lack food while you are away.

2. Abuse

Abusing your cat is a shortcut or an easy way to tell your cat to find a new home that you don’t love them again, which will force your cat to find a new home or take to the wild.

A cat who suffers from separation anxiety will always want a new home, and any chance is given to them, they will run away in search of a new home.

Cats are peaceful animals and won’t fight back when you abuse them, but would love to get a new home when they can no longer stand the abuse.

This is why you see most cats along the woods roaming about.


Abuse of any cat is bad and the only solution to this is to take care of your cat, and if you are too busy then get someone to help you or better still, give the cat to other cat lovers willing to take them instead of abusing it your cat.

You can make a cat not feel separated by providing all the necessary needs like toys and a good treat dispenser etc.

3. To Find Companionship

To find new companion - Why do cats find new Home
To find new companion – Why do cats find new Homes

Your cat may find a new home just to get a companion which you have failed to provide.

Cats need attention from their owners and if you don’t make out the time your cat will seek a new home.

If you’re the type that will always look at your cat indoors without keeping your cat busy, be rest assured that your cat may become curious about what is happening in the outside world.

This may lead to your cat seeking a new home.


Get another pet like a dog but make sure you get both of them from the kitten and puppy stages so that they grow together and become best of friends.

You can get good cat toys for your cat even moving cat toys that will move around while your cat chase after it, these cat toys will keep your cat busy and entertained.

Lastly, make out time to play and visit parks with your cat or take an evening walk down the street to see your friends with your cat.

4. To Find And Own A Territory

Cats are territorial animals that will always want to own a territory, and if not allowed to own their territory alone.

Territory instincts will go a long way to answer the question of why do cats find new homes.

There are many factors that will make a cat feel the need for its own territory;

  • Constant invasion of other animals (maybe you live in an open compound)
  • Constant changing of feeding pattern
  • Boredom
  • Abuse
  • loneliness
  • Hitting or shouting at them etc.

5. To Escape Threat Or Stress

To Escape Threat Or Stress - Why Do Cats Find New Home
To Escape Threat Or Stress – Why Do Cats Find New Homes

Cats are smart animals that don’t manage threats a lot, to escape threats or stress is one of the basic answers to why do cats find new homes.

Looking at the above picture of a cat receiving a threat from a dog, do you think that if such keep happening, and you don’t address it that your cat won’t find a new home.

The answer is yes your cat will get a safe new home.

Cats have good hunting skills and will always believe they can live well in the wild, so upon getting threats or having to go through too much stress the cat can easily find a new home.

There are many things cat may call stress which is as follows;

  • Loud noises
  • Bad, poor or unsanitary living area
  • Irregular routines
  • Unwanted handling etc.


Whenever you are back from work make out time to check how relaxed your cat is in your home.

If you have an outdoor cat, find some time and track your cat’s movement.

Or you can build a cat fence around the section of your compound where you want your cat to always be. But make sure you provide things that will keep your cat busy.

Always keep the same routine for your cat, if you’re feeding your cat twice a day let your twice be real twice, and so on.

Final words

Your cat loves you and your family, but all cats need some time alone. That’s why cats define their territory which is where hide in the closet to take a nap.

If the cat is still surrounded by stimuli or an uncomfortable environment it looks elsewhere.

Cats find constant noise annoying and stressful. They also want attention on their terms.

If you have children, they may want to play with and care for your cat. The cat will indulge in this desire, but in its own way.

This is especially likely if the possession is empty while the cat is in possession. Your cat just wants to release pressure for a while.

When your cat feels refreshed, it will return to your home. However, it’s a good idea to provide this quiet place in your own home.