Do Bengal Cats Like Water: Owners Opinions

Do Bengal Cats Like Water

Do Bengal cats like water is exactly what this post is all about, lots of Bengal cat owner’s keep asking do Bengal cats like water. And we will discuss that in this post.

Bengal cat is one of the most popular breeds of cats in the United States and United Kingdom.

One of the best thing you can do for your Bengal cat is provide and artificial swimming pool for them to cool off.

Instead of providing a water can, you can provide a water fountain that will keep them busy and entertained.

I contacted some Bengal cat owners to know if actually Bengal cats like water or is it few among many that like water.

I just made a poll on five Facebook groups and 3 Reddit groups, when I got back the results i was surprised.

I simply wanted to know if Bengal cats actually like water or is it just a story.

How do you introduce your cat to water
Do Bengal cats like to be in a pool of water?

I actually chatted with most of these Bengal cat owners just to get full details before coming up with this post.

60% of the owners i contacted suggested getting a good water bath, while suggested you build a small pool.

Most of the owners have a water fountain for their cat who always want to play with water.

So, lets answer the question that brought you here before we continue to other things.

Why Do Bengal Cats Like Water

Yes, Bengal cats like water because they belong to the Asian Leopard cat ancestry which are known to be excellent swimmers for ages, and the gene for swimming was passed from the parent Asian Leopard Cat ancestry to the Bengal cat.

I made an outreach to some Bengal cat owners, I wanted to know why Bengal cats love water.

It turns out that 23.8% of the people I contacted don’t know why, and 42.9% believe its genetic, while others think is just for fun.

Why do bengal cats like water
Why do Bengal cats like water

Now it’s clear that Bengal cats love water, I went further to get how some others provide water for their cats.

Some said they provide water twice a week while some said once a week, this is subjective as there is no proven way of how many times you should take your cat to swim.

Most of these owners used an artificial swimming pool for their cat, while others take their cat to play in the normal water bath.

I also asked for the best water pool and water fountain for Bengal cat, and they sent me some good products.

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The best artificial swimming pool for Bengal cats

Here are the most recommended swimming pool for your Bengal cat;

  • Frisco Outdoor Dog Swimming Pool, Flamingo Print, X-Large
  • YAHEETECH Foldable Hard Plastic Extra Large Dog and cat Pet Bath Swimming Pool Collapsible Pet Pools Bathing Tub Paddling Pool for Large Pets Dogs Cats, Black/Blue/Gray/Red, XXL/XL/L/M.
  • WoLover Interactive Swimming Robot Fish Toy for Cat and Dog with LED Light, Swimming Toy to Stimulate Your Pet’s Hunter Instincts, Activated in Water Magical Electric Toy – 4 PCS.

Any of the above swimming pool can serve well for your Bengal cat, you can also get Moving Cat Kicker Fish Toy, for your Bengal cat since they are active cat breed.

If you can’t afford the swimming pool, you can get a simple water fountain for your Bengal cat.

Here is the one I recommend based on my chat with some Bengal cat owners. Catit Flower Plastic Cat Fountain, 100-oz or Cat Mate Plastic Dog & Cat Fountain, 67.6-oz.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers About Bengal Cats And Water

Here are some related questions and answers you may have about Bengal cats and water;

Can Bengal cats swim?

Yes, Bengal cats are excellent swimmers and love swimming since they are extremely energetic and spirited, they love water a lot and can spend time with their owners in the pool swimming as a form of exercise and entertainment.

Do Bengal cats hate water?

No, Bengal cats do not hate water, but you will require an initial effort to get them to stay in a bath pool to take a bath, as they grow they enjoy swimming more and more, therefore, Bengals are a playful, rambunctious breed that really loves water.

Should you bathe Bengal cats?

Bengals have short coats, they can generally do a very good job at keeping themselves clean. However, since Bengals love water a lot and also love playing with water, it’s ok to bathe them once or twice per month.

How do I get my Bengal cat to drink water?

Here are a few tips to help get your Bengal cat to drink water;

  1. Provide multiple water cans around the house.
  2. Provide water fountain
  3. Add little water to your Bengal cat food.
  4. Always keep the water can around areas your cat often stay.
  5. Introduce your cat to the water fountain from the kitten stages.
  6. Reward your cat for drinking water.
  7. Place few water cans close to your cat feeding area.

Do Bengal cats drink more water?

Even though Bengals tend to be attracted to water so much, which is a good thing, but that doesn’t mean they drink more water, they still may not be drinking as much as they should.

However, it’s important that you know how to get more water into their system.

As some research has shown that one way to do this is to feed them more wet food.

Here are some interesting topics about Bengal cats;