How to discipline a Bengal cat: Real Owners Opinions

How to discipline a Bengal cat

People ask how to discipline a Bengal cat in groups and forums specifically on Reddit and Facebook groups.

In this post we will be discussing how to discipline a Bengal cat the right way, as well as pointing out all you need to know.

What you get from this post is as a result of the outreach or questionnaires I distributed to 200 Bengal cat owners.

This is actually a concern to most owners and that is why i decided to share the results of the outreach.

The result will be presented in a pie chart now before we move into the reply of the owners of these cats.

How do you discipline a Bengal cat
How do you discipline a Bengal cat

From the result of the outreach you can see there is no specific way of disciplining a Bengal cat.

However, with further research and persistent questioning of most of the owners I arrived at the following conclusions.

How to discipline a Bengal cat

Here are some of the simple ways to discipline a Bengal cat which are as follows;

Obedience training

Frankly speaking, irrespective of the results of my outreach, there is no standard way of disciplining a Bengal cat that is more effective than early socialization and obedient training.

I put it to you that your cat needs discipline because you have neglected your early socialization and obedient training.

Early obedience training ensure you don’t get lots of bad behaviors that will bring about discipline.

There are three basic things your Bengal cat need during obedience training which are as follows;

  • Rules
  • Limitations
  • Boundaries

To have a well-mannered Bengal cat, you need to set the rules from the kitten stages, if you fail to set the rules your Bengal cat will set the rules for you.

Your Bengal cat will only stick to the rules if you have properly done your job.

Examples of rules are as follows;

  • Don’t touch
  • Stop
  • Stay
  • Eat
  • Come etc.

With these commands, your Bengal cat will know what to do at any point in time.

Also, limitations and boundaries for your Bengal cat from the very first day.

Again provide exercise for your Bengal cat as the Bengal cat can become unnecessarily territorial and aggressive when bored.

Always remember that Bengal cats are extremely energetic, active and spirited, so find a way of engaging them.

Put The Cat In Its Room

Most people say you can’t discipline a Bengal cat, but that is not true, you can in the right way.

First of all you need to understand that one of the basic behavioral problems of a Bengal cat is play aggression.

This is where you get it right nor wrong, Bengal cats need to be controlled else they develop play aggression.

The two basic ways to control this play aggression is by distraction or putting them into their crate or room.

You need to correct the Bengal cat right way, by taking him or her away from whatsoever his doing wrong.

By taking him or her away, he understands that what his doing is wrong, do not use force to take him away.

Stop is a strong command or word every Bengal cat owner should teach his or her cat.

With the world Stop you can get your Bengal cat to stop what his doing wrong, but that is if you have properly done a good job of teaching the word stop.

If the cat refuse to stop then you have to put him into his or her room to cool off at his own pace.

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Correct Your Cat In the Process

Another way to discipline your Bengal cat is to make corrections in the process and waiting until the process is over.

Again this boils down to the word Stop, using or holding your index finger firm is a cool way to tell you cat to stop whatever he or she is doing.

Bengal cats are among the most intelligent breeds of cats and they are smart in learning and hearing.

Therefore, it’s your duty to train them by setting the rules, limitations and boundaries, because with it, you have no control over your cat.

In the middle of whatever your cat is doing that is wrong, tell him to stop holding up your index finger very firm.

If you fall to set the rules, your cat can grow to become something else that it becomes a problem for you.

Stop The Common Behavioral Problems in Bengal Cat

Just like I said earlier there is no recommended way of disciplining a Bengal cat that is more effective than early socialization and obedient training.

Here are some common behavior problems in Bengal cat;

  • All forms of play aggression.
  • Unnecessary Biting.
  • Scratching of inappropriate things.
  • Being unnecessarily destructive.
  • Trying to get onto the countertops.
  • Trying to get into cabinets.
  • Getting into drawers.
  • Continuously trying to get onto the sink.
  • Wanting to go outside.

All these behavior problems is what you must stop before thinking about how to discipline a Bengal cat.

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Use of Spray Water Bottle

This method is used by some Bengal cat owners, however I don’t encourage this method not because it is not effective but because I think it may have negative effect.

Spraying water at the face of your will make your cat to stop and move away, but this might have an effect in the relationship between you and your cat.

Even though people use it, I don’t encourage it, I always advocate for positive reinforcement and not negative.

Things you should never do to your Bengal cat

Here are things or punishment you should never give your Bengal cat for whatsoever reason;

  • Never rub your Bengal cat mouth against its poop or urine.
  • Never shout at your Bengal cat.
  • Do not beat your Bengal cat.
  • Do not pull your Bengal cat from its tail.
  • Never hold your Bengal cat while driving.
  • Never administer drugs to your Bengal cat without the notice of a vet.
  • Do not forget to clean your cat water bowls.
  • Check your cat litter box every day.
  • Never leave your Bengal cat indoors unsupervised.
  • Never toss your Bengal cat.
  • Do not leave your Bengal cat in complete darkness.

Here are some interesting topics about Bengal cats;