10 Best Things to do to Find a Lost cat

10 things to do to find a lost cat

The Best things to do to find a lost cat – Here is the list of the best things to do to find a lost cat whenever your cat goes missing.

Cats are fun pets that can go missing when you are not looking or when you abuse them or when they feel threatened.

Cats are always bounded to humans and provided you don’t abuse them they hardly run away, unless they are trapped or injured somewhere before you won’t see them come home every day.

Today we will be looking at the best things to do to find a lost cat, so if this is why you are here then you are in the right place so read through to find out the best things to do to find a lost cat

Best things to do to find a lost cat

Create flyers - 10 things to do to find a lost cat
Create flyers – 10 things to do to find a lost cat

Here are few things to do if at any point your cat goes out and didn’t come back for at least 5 to 10 hours from the last time you saw it.

However, if your cat is used to going out and not going and coming back at will, then consider using some methods listed here.

1. Ask or Involve Your Neighbors

This is the first step to take when thinking of things to do to find a lost cat. Cats are always moving from one place to another especially when their owners are not around.

Don’t be too sure that your neighbor who is a cat lover or who owns a cat is not taking care and feeding your cat more than you do.

So when your cat goes missing search your neighborhood before concluding anything.

Finding time on a very good day to track the activities of your cat when you are not at home is a perfect recipe for knowing where to get your cat if they don’t come home.

Try and track your cat to see if they got friends around your neighborhood.

If you have a neighbor that feeds your cat, or you have a male cat and someone else a few blocks away have a female cat

Don’t be surprised that once you leave for work your cat will be of to see some friends a few blocks away.

Therefore, once you find out your cat is missing, don’t hesitate to ask around your neighborhood to see if your cat is having a nice time while you are busy searching for it.

2. Alert all animal control officers Nearby

This is the second step to take when thinking of things to do to find a lost cat.

If your cat goes missing and was found in good health or injured, anyone who picks it up will seek and animal control officers nearby before heading to any shelter house.

Before contacting any animal control officer be sure to have checked with your neighbor or ask around, then if no positive response you can contact animal control officers.

3. Visiting your local animal shelter to file a complaint

There is always a local animal shelter around, if you don’t know any then ask people around for direction. And don’t forget to drop your contact address.

If your cat goes missing or injured and a good citizen finds it down the road, the chances are that the person takes the cat home or takes the cat to a local shelter.

If you have filed a complaint with the local shelter with your address or phone number the shelter personnel will just call you to pick up your cat after a few questions.

Cats on their own when lost will always be looking for a way home and may not hesitate to run to a shelter home where the feel is safe for them knowing their owners will be searching for them.

4. Check with local rescue organizations

Ask around and see if the city you live in has local animal rescue organizations that take care of abused or missing animals.

Local rescue organizations is just an organization of dedicated animal lovers, who are always open to helping animals in need or missing, so be sure to check with them whenever your cat goes missing.

6. Check with local veterinarians

When your cat goes missing it may be because of injuries, so don’t rule out the possibility of a good citizen taking your injured cat to the veterinarian hoping that the vet personnel may help find the own.

Small tips here always take your cat to the vet when they get sick, don’t treat them yourself unless under the directions of the vet personnel.

So when your cat goes missing always check with any local vet around you never can tell if your cat pays a visit to the vet because it’s badly injured.

7. Join and post on local social media pages

Go online Join local social media groups or join local forums then make a post and attach your cat images and post.

This will even help you know more about people who have cats with the same experiences and the solutions they got or how they went about it.

Don’t forget to be king while posting or seek the permission of the group admin.

8. Create flyers with pictures of your cat

Create a brochure with relevant information about your cat, including a name and physical description.

Include all contact information, including your name, telephone number, and email address.

If possible, include a copy of the photo of your cat.

Send and distribute flyers wherever your cat was last seen, in your neighborhood at home, and on any social service, you come in contact with.

9. Advertise in Local newspapers

Most local newspapers and shopping guides will allow free “lost and found” ads.

So take advantage of the lost and found ads in your local newspaper.

Check the newspaper listing for “found cats.” from time to time or drop your contact with them.

This is among the very important or best things to do to find a lost cat

Offering Rewards if Anyone returns it

When taking some above listed steps always include a small reward to anyone who finds and brings home your cat.

Don’t be surprised someone will devote time to track and recover the cat. When your cat is missing, and you actually want to bring it back, try and speak to some homeboys.

Homeboys or hood boys know the in and out of every area you live in and can help you track your cat while you appreciate them.

10. Hire a pet detective

If after taking all the above-listed steps, and you can’t still find your cat then it’s time to choose a pet detective specially trained to track lost animals or a professional animal tracker.

If you can’t find one then ask questions in forums or ask online to get a good pet detective. Just like I said this will be your last option o the list of the best things to do to find a lost cat.

Why lost cats never come return home

things that can make lost cats never come back - 10 things to do to find a lost cat
Things that can make lost cats never come back – 10 things to do to find a lost cat

Your cat may have been a victim of one of the following scenarios which will make you not find it when your cat go missing:

  • Maybe your cat got picked up by the Animal Control team
  • Let’s say your cat was picked up by another cat lover who thinks your cat is “lost”
  • What if your cat was rescued by someone who thinks your cat is abandoned, neglected, or a stray
  • Maybe your cat got abducted for gain by professional (cat nappers)
  • What if your cat was abducted by others for inhumane purposes (dog-baiting, ritual sacrifice)
  • Let’s say your cat got trapped and “disposed of” by a cat-hating neighbor.
  • What if your cat got involved in an accidental “abduction” (Cat hides in a vehicle; is driven out of the area).


Having listed the best things to do to find a lost cat. The most important thing to do is to get a good cat tracker with a comfortable collar and save yourself all the stress involved in searching for a lost cat.

With a good tracker, you can spot out the exact location of your cat even if the cat is trapped or injured.


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