Can Bengal Cats Go Outside: Pros & Cons

Can Bengal Cats Go Outside

Do you really want to know more about the question can Bengal cats go outside? If yes then consider reading through to find out more about letting Bengal cats go outside.

Firstly, letting your Bengal cat go outside is a personal choice that has its consequences. It comes with lots of cons and little pros.

Throughout this post we will be discussing most of the reasons why you should and why you shouldn’t let your Bengal cat go outside.

I actually made an outreach to get most of the owners opinions about the topic, it’s funny that most countries don’t allow you to keep outdoor cats.

I made a group poll of over 230 Bengal cat owners, around 213 owners responded, I now analyzed the results.

Here is the result of the outreach, The question I asked is” do you let your Bengal cat go outside without your supervision?”.

Do you let your Bengal cats go outside without you
Do you let your Bengal cats go outside without you

So, Can Bengal Cats Go Outside?

Yes, Bengal cats can only go outside when It’s permitted by law to keep outdoor cats, however, if it’s not permitted by law then the Bengal cat can only go outside on a leash under the owner’s supervision.

For those who live in states that permits allowing your cat to go outside its normal.

On the flip side, for states who don’t allow outdoor cats, it’s a break of law to allow your cat to roam around as it has effects.

To be honest, from my research so far, allowing your Bengal cats to go outside have more disadvantages than advantages.

Let’s talk about both the pros and cons of allowing your Bengal cat to go outside without your supervision.

Reasons why you should allow your Bengal cat to go outside

Here are some reasons why you should allow your Bengal cat to go outside if it’s permitted by law, With or without your supervision.

It gives room for more socialization

Walking your Bengal cat outside creates room for your Bengal cat to meet other pets.

And this in turn help your Bengal cat get more socialized, because in the process your cat learn how to be calm when his with other pets.

Your Bengal cat might get bored or become overweight

Indoor cats have a general problem of becoming overweight when you over feed them with no sort of exercise.

Your Bengal cat will always get some form of exercise when you allow it to go outside.

Indoor cats are also prone to getting bored if you don’t provide any source of exercise, and letting them go outside is a good source of exercise.

Letting your Bengal go outside is a form of exercise

Just like we mentioned above, letting your Bengal cat go outside is a very good source of exercise.

Your Bengal cat gets to play with other cats or dogs when you let them go outside.

Letting your Bengal cat go outside can boost your cat confidence

Meeting new friends be it dogs, cats or humans will definitely boost your Bengal cat confidence.

The more your cat go outside, the more he builds confidence to meet other pets.

Your cat get to mark and know his territory in case he gets lost

Cats get lost from time to time and Bengal cats are no exceptions to this act.

Letting your cat go outside helps your Bengal cat to mark its environment, in case he gets lost while hunting, he can easily find his way home.

There are many ways to care for or entertain a Bengal cat to keep it away from going outside.

Reasons why should never allow your Bengal cat go outside

When considering can Bengal cats go outside, here are some reasons according to Petcreeks why you should not allow your Bengal cat to go outside;

  • Your Cat May Be Injured or killed By Moving Vehicles
  • Your Cat May Wander Off Too Far And Get Lost
  • Your Cat May Contract Infectious Diseases
  • Your Cat May Come In Contact With A Toxic Garden Plants Or Flowers
  • Your Cat May Be Injured or Killed by Dogs or Other Predators
  • Your Cat May Come In Contact With Toxic substances
  • Your Cat May Be Exposed to Common Parasites
  • Your Cat May Be Poisoned Intentionally or Accidentally
  • Your Cat May Get Into Fighting With Other Cats
  • Your Cat May Be Picked Up By An Animal Control

All the above listed reasons are things to consider when thinking about can Bengal cats go outside.

My Opinion on the topic Can Bengal Cats Go Outside

From what I know about cat in my years of experience so far, I will tell you It’s okay to take your Bengal cat out once in a while.

On the flip side of things, I will also tell you never to let your Bengal cat go outside without your supervision.


Let’s answer a few questions;

Can you walk a Bengal cat?

Yes, you can walk your Bengal cat on a good leash and a body fitted harness, this is because Bengals are highly energetic, spirited, active, and love adventures. Walking your Bengal cat provide lots of needed daily exercises to keep them healthy.

Not walking your Bengal cat or giving your cat any form of exercise can lead to unnecessary aggressiveness.

Advantages of walking your Bengal cat

  • Walking your Bengal cat keeps away depression.
  • Walking your Bengal cat keep them away from separation anxiety.
  • It provides needed exercise to keep them healthy.
  • It keeps them from getting overweight.
  • Walking your Bengal cat is a source of socialization.
  • It increases the bond between you and your cat.
  • It establishes you as the pack leader.

Are Bengal cats good mousers

Yes, Bengal cats are the best mouse hunters because Bengals are extremely energetic and active, they also possess natural hunting instincts and can keep mouse off their territory. Bengals are good mousers.

Can Bengal cats be left alone

Yes, but Bengal cats can not be left alone for more than 8 hours per day, because Bengals are full of energy and requires lots of exercise to stay healthy and happy, they are also prone to destroying things when they are left alone for too long.

Bengals are typically very playful and active and want a lot of stimulation throughout the day to stay entertained.

Some disadvantages of leaving your Bengal cat alone for too long

Here are some disadvantages of leaving your Bengal cat alone;

  • They can easily develop separation anxiety.
  • The Bengal cat develop unnecessary behaviors.
  • They can become unnecessarily territorial.
  • They can become depressed.
  • The Bengal cat becomes very destructive.
  • They become too vocal.

Note that Bengal cats are actually a good house pet.

How far do Bengal cats roam

A Bengal cat can roam over 130 yards (118.872) meters this is because Bengals are born with natural hunting instincts, and they love hunting adventures and can survive for long while hunting. Hunting and mating can take a Bengal cat far away from home.

Why does my Bengal cat want to go outside?

Here are some common reasons why your Bengal cat wants to go outside;

  • Your Bengal cat is un-neutered.
  • You didn’t cat proof your house.
  • Hunger
  • Lack of mental stimulation
  • Stress
  • Lack of proper socialization
  • Hunting instincts or prey drive.
  • Abuse and neglect.
  • Noise
  • Death threat
  • Too many visitors
  • arrival of new pet or new family members.
  • Unclean litter boxes

Can Bengal cats find their way home?

When lost, a Bengal cat will always find its way home provided the Bengal cat is not trapped, killed by a predator, taken away by a professional cat napper, taken away accidentally to another city in a vehicle, or captured by an animal control department.

Will Bengal cats kill other cats?

Yes, Bengal cats will kill other cats because they are born natural hunters and has good fighting skills, they can defend themselves due to their size and aggressive nature when they are not properly socialized, they are also independent hunters from birth.

In terms of size, Bengal cats compare very well with other domestic cats and this gives them an advantage over most cats.

Read more: Do Bengal Cats Get Along With Other Cats: How to Introduce Both.

Will a Bengal cat destroyed my house?

No, a Bengal cat will not destroy your house when they are well socialized however, a Bengal cat can only destroy your house when it suffers from separation anxiety, depressed or when the Bengal cat is not well socialized.