15 Bengal Cat Behavior Problems

Looking for Bengal cat behavior problems before getting one? You are exactly in the right post. In this post we will outline and discuss all the possible Bengal cat behavior problems.

Let me also point out that the behavior problems you see here is presented as the results of the outreach I made to over 200 real owners of Bengal cats.

I joined 15 Bengal cat group before I asked the question, I got many replies, I started private chat with most of the owners.

So whatever behavior you see in this post, be rest assured that is coming directly from the real owners of Bengal cats.

However, I made little research to be sure of what I get from these owners, I didn’t make a poll because more than 90% of Bengal cat owners keep repeating the same behavior problems.

Let’s get down the main reason why you are here which is Bengal cat behavior problems.

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Bengal Cat Behavior Problems

Here are some Bengal cat behavior problems you should know.

“This is not to discredit Bengal cats, but is right you understand what you get from owning a Bengal cat”.

Bengal Cats Very Vocal On Need

According to the outreach I made, over 80% of Bengal cat owner agreed to the fact that Bengal cats are vocal with needs.

Bengal cats are extremely energetic, active and spirited and have lots of need to be met.

Bengal cats do not stop being vocal when they are hungry or needs to go outside, or to use their litter boxes.

They are also very vocal when you leave them alone for too long unattended.


Try to remove every thing that can make them to be too vocal, for example never skip time for meal, and never leave them unattended at any time.

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Bengal Cats Are Fiercely Territorial

Again, over 70% of Bengal cat owners agreed to the fact that Bengal are very territorial and possessive of their environment.

Bengal cats are excellent hunters and wouldn’t want to see other creatures around their.

Be it other Bengal cats or other breeds of cats, the Bengals are not very comfortable with a strange animal in their territory.


So try and socialize your Bengal cat from the kitten stages to avoid them running after other cats who stepped into their territory.

Bengal Cats Are Very Destructive When Bored

According to over 50% of Bengal cat owners I contacted, it appears that Bengal cats can be destructive when bored.

It is important to note that a bored Bengal cat will do damage, beyond an average alley cat.


So always do your best to carry them along, the most interesting thing is that Bengal cats love getting involved in house activities.

So try and engage them with one thing or the other, or even getting a second pet.

Bengal cats Are Continuously Getting Trapped

Bengal cats are one of the most curious domestic cats, they always want to know what is happening around them.

This curiosity always gets them into trouble because they get trapped or stuck in their exploring spot.

Over 60% of Bengal cat owners agreed to the fact that their cat get trapped or stuck over and over again.

Therefore, Bengal cats are continuously gets trapped in garbage cans, empty small animal and bird cages, cat carriers, and even closets, cupboards, and cabinets.


Just make sure you close all shelves, or keep it open such that they can’t get trapped at any point.

You can also cat proof your house, especially areas that they can get trapped.

Bengal Cats Wakes You Up Too Early

Bengal cats are extremely energetic and love to play, which means they need lots of exercise to burn off the excessive energy.

If you don’t exercise them properly they will always want to wake you up so early to play.

Here is what one of the owners said,

“This means if you don’t dedicate yourself to playing with your cat a few hours daily, he will likely wake you at 3am playing Zumba on your pillow”.


The best way to fix these issue is to burn down the excessive energy level of your Bengal cat.

One of the ways to do this is by playing the fetch game with your Bengal cat before bedtime such that your cat can sleep comfortably.

Most Bengal Don’t like To be Picked Up

Here is what the owner of a Bengal cat has to say,

“My female does not like to be held very much and if she does not want to be picked up, when you do, she makes a meow that pretty much sounds like “no.

This is a problem because your kids or visitors might want to pick up your Bengal cat and these might lead to your cat biting them.


Most domestic cats have the same issue of refusing to be picked up.

However, picking up a cat or a cat allowing you to pick them up sometimes depends on the relationship you have with your cat from the kitten stages.

If you want to train your cat to allow people pick them up then start it from the kitten stages and always reward them.

You can start rubbing your palms at the back of your adult Bengal, and with the help of treats you can pick them up.

This process need to be repeated over and over again.

Bengal Cats Are Prone To Separation Anxiety

Real owners know and understand this more than anyone. This problem can be associated with the fact that Bengal cats have lots of energy.

This problem is very simple to solve but if you go about it the wrong way you get a Bengal cat that scratch and bite aggressively.


The best way to solve a Bengal cat separation anxiety issues is to get a second Bengal cat or dog.

I recommend you get a second cat which is a Bengal cat or any other cat. You can also get a dog if you wish.

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Bengal Cats Are Always Jumping Up And Down In Sink

Most people see this as a problem while others might not see it as a problem, which ever way you see it, we will talk about it.

The main reason for Bengal cats to jump in sink is because of their love for water.

Bengal cats are very intelligent and knows they will always find water in the sink depending on how their owners fix their sink.


The only solution to this is to lock the room your sink is up so that your cat won’t have access to it.

You can as well make sure your sink is always dry and not dropping water.

Bengal Cats Are Always Getting Into The Shower With Or Without You

Again this behavior is due to Bengal cat affinity for water, which is all most impossible to control.

The Bengal cat love to follow you into the shower and when you try to lock them out, they keep talking and making unnecessary noise.

Here is what one of the owners said,

“You definitely can’t shower or flush the toilet without his participation”.


One of the best solutions is to try and distract them before going into the shower.

May be by keeping them busy while you head for the shower. Or you allow them in, but you have to dry them up.

Never leave them wet for long, or they may start stinking over time.

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Bengal Cats Are Prone To Bonding To A Person

Bengal cats get too bounded with the one person who feeds them.

But this is only a problem if you have families.


Make sure you give your Bengal cat a proper socialization. Let the cat see everyone as part of the family.

You can allow your kids to feed them from time to time not always only you.

Bengal Cats Can Attack Unnecessarily

This is one of the popular problem among cat owners, not just a Bengal cat.

Here is what one of the owners said,

“Bengals can be fun, but they do sometime attack ankles”.


Most times this is due to improper socialization or training.

Also, the type of play you carry out with your cat can make your cat think it is proper to attack your legs.

Bengal Cats Are Prone To Play Aggression

Again this is also caused by the owner of the cat, it also boils down to how you play with your Bengal cat.

Bengal cats are extremely energetic, active and spirited they always love to play.

They don’t know their claws hurts you when they play with you. So watch how often you play with them.

Fetch game is the best type of game to play with them.

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Bengal Cats Are Prone To Scratching & Biting

Scratching and biting is a general problem for every cat, not just the Bengal cats.

The root cause of it is an effect of medication, separation anxiety, depression and loneliness. Maybe you didn’t provide a good scratch post.


Provide a good scratch post and also provide a second pet.

Cat trees, scratching pads, and other scratching safe surfaces are a great way to redirect your Bengal to a more appropriate scratching target.

Bengal Cats Might Avoid Litter boxes

Bengal cats can start avoiding the litter box of you don’t keep it clean.


Any time your cat suddenly starts avoiding the litter box, the possibility of a medical condition should be considered.

A vet visit should be scheduled to rule out medical causes.

You should also provide more than 1 litter box for your Bengal cat.

Bengal Cats Can Get Depressed

A depressed Bengal is more likely to hide from you, other cats, and other members of your household.

Depression itself is usually curable, but it can cause a host of other behavioral issues.

Tips For Stopping Unwanted behaviors In Bengals

Here are some tips to help you stop some unwanted behaviors in your Bengal cat;

  • Understand and meet your Bengal cat emotional and physical needs.
  • Help your Bengal kitten develop good habits.
  • Proper socialization of your Bengal cat from the kitten stages.
  • Provide a second pet, either cat or dog.
  • Don’t shout at your cat unnecessarily.
  • Be patient and make corrections.
  • Medical Check-ups is important.
  • Get lots of play toys
  • Exercise your cat daily.

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