How to stop a cat from wanting to go outside: 13 Steps To Take

How to stop a cat from wanting to go outside

How to stop a cat from wanting to go outside is a question most cat owners ask and in this article, we will be discussing 15 simple ways to stop a cat from wanting to go outside.

Cats are often hard to keep indoors especially if you did not get them to stay indoors from the kitten stages.

Hunting is one of the reasons why most cats want to go outside because most cats enjoy hunting however, with proper training, you can still get your cat to stay home.

If you keep an outdoor cat and want to make the cat an indoor cat, most of these methods will work for you too, or your cat is always wanting to go out.

It is important to note that some breeds of cat have higher outdoor instinct than other. For example, the ragdoll cat has a low hunting instinct and will make a good indoor cat.

The Siberian cat is a good hunting cat and if you do not control it from the kitten stages, they will always be wanting to go out even when you have neutered them.

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How to Stop a Cat From Wanting to go Outside

Here are the basic 15 simple ways on how to stop a cat from wanting to go outside;

Spay or Neuter Your Cat

This is the major reason why your cat wants to go outside. It is recommended you spay or neuter your cat from the age of 8 to 12 weeks as long as they are healthy.

When a female cat is not spayed or a male is not neuter, they will be on heat oftentimes, and all effort to stop them from wanting to go out may not work except you lock them up.

A cat that is on heat is always restless and will be moving from one place to another seeking an exit route.

If you’re not careful the cat may attack you if you try to block its way.

Every cat that is not spayed or neutered passes through this stage of cat life, some cat owners who do not want to spay can get a male cat.

For you to get a second cat, you have to be ready to welcome new kittens and gradually turn into a breeder who will always have kittens around.

Some cat owners will have one neutered and the other one free, but experience has shown that most times this will cause a fight between these cats

Matting is one of the reasons why a cat can leave home for some days. Therefore, to avoid looking for your cat it is important that you Spay or Neuter your cat.

Experiences have shown that a male cat can travel far away from home in search of a female cat.

So spaying or neutering a cat will stop a cat from wanting to go outdoors.

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Provide A Cat Environment

A cat Environment is one that provides the cat with all the cat needs to feel at home.

Therefore, the type of environment you provide for your cat matters.

Cats are territorial animals that will always want to feel that they are in control of their environment.

Providing a good cat environment makes your cat feel in charge and reduces the chances of wanting to go outside.

If you have a basement, you can turn it to your cat territory while still using it as your basement.

Cats love to take an afternoon nap in a cool and noise-free environment.

You can turn a section of your basement or garage to a cat territory and make it solely for your cat, by providing cat trees or shelves for an afternoon nap.

By providing this cat tree or shelves, your cat will find refuge in your basement when everywhere is noisy or hot, or even when you are not home.

Once your cat gets used to your basement with a good cat-friendly environment, automatically you have reduced the chances of your cat wanting to go outside.

Get Good Play Toys For The Cat

Getting good play toys is an effective way of stopping your cat from wanting to go outside since play toys can keep your cat busy for several hours.

Toys are something every cat owner has, but the question is what type of toy do you have as a cat owner, and is your toy effective enough to stop a cat from wanting to go outside?

When you think of toys as a way of stopping your cat from wanting to go outside, then you should think of getting a moving toy or interactive toys.

Cats are curious pets and could chase a moving toy for several hours till the get burned of energy.

This will go a long way in distracting them from wanting to go outside.

Dancing or moving rat toy can keep your cat busy while you are away.

Some groups of toys should be reserved for the purpose of distracting your cat from going outside.

This group of toys should not be placed close to an exit door rather should be close to your cat bed so that once they get burned out, they can just sleep off.

Get Scratch Post and Cat Tree For Your Cat To Climb on

Putting up a cat tree and cat shelves is a good way of distracting a cat from wanting to go outside.

Some cats are good climbers and could really spend quality time climbing up and down a cat tree, most cats see this as a form of exercise.

If you get a good cat tree with several upper sections, your cat would love to explore all the different sections at a time, and this will definitely distract the cat.

Cat nails get old and worn out and as such most cats will be wanting to go outside to scratch this dead nails off for new ones to grow.

When these old nails start making the cat uncomfortable, be rest assured that your cat will look for the next available scratch post to remove the dead nails.

Therefore, it is important to get a good scratch post for your cat from day one so that your cat will have no reason wanting to go outside and scratch.

Getting a good scratch post, getting a good and tall cat tree or shelves will help reduce the chances of your cat wanting to go outside.

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Keep Clean litter box For Your Cat

Cats are among the best clean pets one can have when properly trained.

Cat does not like to use a dirty litter box and this may prompt them to want to go outside where they think is better.

Since you have decided to keep a cat as a pet then it is your duty to take care of them, both feeding, cleaning them up, grooming and many more.

The litter box should be checked regularly, and through checking the cat litter box always you can dictate when your cat is trying to get sick and visit the vet.

Regular clean water in the water can be also a way to care for the cat as well as high-quality food.

Therefore, totally caring for your cat reduces the chance of your cat wanting to go outside.

Create Playing Time With Your Cat

Providing good playtime for you and your cat will help reduce the chances of your cat wanting to go to the outside world.

Cats are among the pets that want to always play with their owners, you can explore this to your own advantage.

Thug of war or fetch game is a good game to keep your cat busy all day long thereby distracting your cat from wanting to go outside the compound.

Mind games and hiding treats in some hidden section of the house is also a good way to keep your cat indoors.

Using an automatic treat time dispenser can also keep your cat from wanting to go outside because your cat will be sitting and waiting for the treat to fall out all day long.

When you notice your cat wants to go outside, you can quickly initiate the cat’s favorite game so as to distract the cat from wanting to leave.

Entertain Your Cat

Cats are curious pets that are always eager to find out what is going on in their environment, and you can use this trait to your own advantage.

The best way to entertain a cat is to provide your cat with good cat TV shows or cat cartoon movies.

A cat can spend several hours watching a cat on Tv.

Some cats can even try to do what the cat in the movie is doing, most cats will be jumping up and down thinking the cat on the Tv is real.

This method works best if you can find out time to sit with your cat and rub your palm from your cat’s head through the back down to its tail, making them feel relaxed as they watch the Tv.

It is also important to note that teaching your cat to sit and watch the TV from the very first day you got the cat will save you lots of stress by keeping your cat busy.

There are lots of cat movies or even talking cat cartoon movies out to keep your cat busy from wanting to go outside, provided you teach your cat to sit and watch them.

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Cat Proof Your Home

This is just a way of stopping your cat from going outside, and perhaps it should not be on this list, but i tell can you that your cat wants to go outside because your cat sees a way of going out.

Do not try to stay at the door to greet your cat goodbye when you are going out, as this will increase the chances of your cat wanting to go outside.

Shut down every escape route a cat can go out from. Once you notice your cat is trying to go out, be fast to close the door and start some distraction moves.

A cat will always want to go out when the cat sees the way outside.

Show Your Cat The Outside World

This point may sound funny, but most times in life you allow people to get what they want, so as to give room for checks and balances.

Since your cat wants to go outside, not minding the troubles that come with allowing them to go outside, just get a good tracker and allow them to go.

Cats are sensitive to their environment and make their choices, therefore once you have done all you need to do for the cat just let the cat out.

The cat will now see that staying home is better than hanging out on its own.

You can as well take your cat to noisy areas since cats do not do well in noisy areas.

This will affect the way your cat sees the outside world and will reduce their need of wanting to go outside.

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Provide Alternate Entrance and Exit

You can provide another alternative exit door to keep your cat from wanting to go outside. This is like having two exit doors in one building.

If your cat is constantly hanging on the front door waiting to run away when someone accidentally opens it, try a different exit.

For example, instead of going in and out of the front door, try using the back door or the garage door.

Another great option is to exit and enter via the doorway with the lounge area.

Once you get through the first door, close it tightly behind you and make sure your cat doesn’t follow you.

As your cat walks through the first door, you will see and be able to bring him back inside before exiting the second door, which actually leads out.

When guests arrive, move your cat to another room until the party is over.

This way, your cat won’t be around when people enter through the main door to jump.

Leash Training

Training your cat to be on a leash is also an effective way to stop the cat from wanting to go outside.

However, this comes with it own downside as most cats do not enjoy leash.

If you ever want to use this method of putting your cat on a leash, then you should consider starting it from the kitten stages, because a cat that is not used to a leash can hurt itself trying to remove the leash when you are not there.

If you have trained your cat to be on a leash, then it is much easier to put your cat on a leash once you notice your cat wants to go outside, and this will calm the cat down.

It is important to also note that a leash will not stop a cat from wanting to go outside but will only stop the cat from going outside, which is a different thing.

You can also put your cat on leash and take them on an evening walk down the street

Reward Only Desired Behaviors

Cats love rewards and rewarding them will keep the bond between you and your cat stronger.

Cats are smart pets and know when they did wrong and when they are right.

Find time to always reward your cat when they have done right this will encourage them to always be on the right track so as to get rewarded.

If your cat wants to go outside, and you call it, if it eventually comes or answers the call make sure you reward the cat for such behaviors, this will make them come next time when you call them.

Therefore, you can use the reward trick to always stop your cat whenever your cat wants to go outside.

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Maintain Cat Daily Routine

Maintaining steady daily routine can help your cat stop wanting to go outside, because at every point in time your cat has something doing.

Giving your cat high-quality food and time will take your cat’s mind away from wanting to go outside, which will benefit you because you will be relaxed that your cat is safe from all the dangers that come with your cat going outside.

There are so many problems that come with allowing your cat to go outside, so we will try to outline some of those problems.

Why you should not allow your cat to go outside

  • Your cat may be exposed to pesticides that are harmful to cats.
  • Cats stand a high risk of ingesting toxic plants when they go outside.
  • Your neighbor who hates cats can trap and kill your cat.
  • Injury or death from moving vehicles on the highways.
  • Your cat runs the risk of parasitic infections.
  • Risk of getting a killer disease.
  • Your cat can be confiscated by animal control authorities in your area.
  • The stand a chance of being attacked by dogs, other cats, or predators

Aside from all the above-outlined reasons, there are just too many reasons not to allow your cat to go outside.

Why does my cat always want to go outside?

Your cat always wants to go outside because of the following reasons;

  • Your cat wants to go outside because it was not neutered.
  • Your cat wants to go outside because you did not catproof your house.
  • A cat will want to go outside because of its hunting instincts.
  • Your cat wants to go outside because you fail to provide a comfortable cat environment.
  • Your cat wants to go outside the cat was not properly socialized.
  • In search of a better food source.

Can I stop letting my cat outside?

Yes, you can stop letting your cat go outside by cat-proofing your home, and providing a comfortable cat environment.

Letting your cat go outside comes with lots of cons, lets quickly outline these cons.

Disadvantages of letting your cat go outside

  • Your cat maybe killed by moving vehicles.
  • Your cat maybe killed by predators.
  • A hunter can mistakenly kill your cat.
  • Your cat may be taking away by an animal control team.
  • A cat napper may abduct your cat.
  • Your cat may pick up worms, ticks, or fleas and get sick.
  • Your cat maybe killed by a cat hating neighbor.
  • Human trap may catch your cat.
  • Your cat may lose track of home and get lost.

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How long will a cat stay outside?

A cat should stay outside from 1 to 3days, and if it doesn’t come back home after 3 days then something is wrong somewhere.

A cat can stay outside for more than 3 days if the cat was trapped or taken away by another cat lover.

How long can an indoor cat survive outside?

An indoor cat can survive up to 6 years outside, because the cat will not have access to good food and medical care required to keep a cat healthy.

An indoor cat kept indoors with good food and proper medical attention cat survives or lives up to 17 years depends on the breed.

Factors that Influence how long an indoor cat survives outside

  • Number of predators around
  • Number prey around
  • Diseases
  • Breed cat
  • Hunting abilities

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