Bad Things About Ragdolls & Solutions

Bad Things About Ragdolls

Bad Things About Ragdolls – every good thing in life has a bad side and ragdolls are no exception, in this article we will be looking at the bad things about Ragdolls. This is not to say that ragdolls are bad cat but just to point out a few bad things about them.

The bad things about ragdolls are that they are indoor cats that are expensive to maintain, they are also prone to diseases, they eat a lot, they will not leave you alone, they have bad sleeping postures, Very vocal, and cry a lot when in need.

That been said ragdolls are the most friendly cat one can think of, so if you need a cat that will follow you around the house, keep you busy and sleep on the same bed with you then definitely ragdoll is the right choice for you.

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Bad Things About Ragdolls & Solutions

Resting Ragdoll - Bad Things About Ragdolls & Solutions
Resting Ragdoll – Bad Things About Ragdolls & Solutions

Here are some of the bad things about ragdolls and possible ways of correcting them, however some of this are natural with the ragdoll breed and may be difficult if not impossible to correct.

Ragdolls Are Prone to Certain Health Problems

Ragdolls has long been linked to some health problems which is not new to some ragdoll breeders and even owners.

However, some of this health issues can be corrected if identified on time. There are many ways to identify this health issues.

How To Identify A Sick Ragdoll Cat

  • Loss of appetite
  • Lethargy and depression
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Paralysis of the legs
  • Coughing
  • Fainting
  • Anorexia

When you notice any of the above signs from your ragdoll you should talk to your vet.

There are some health issues associated with ragdolls and are as follows;

  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • kidney disease
  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM)
  • Mucopolysaccharidosis
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Mouth and gum disease

To read more and understand these diseases, symptoms, and how to go about them be sure to refer to this great article by clicking here.


The only solution to these diseases is to see your vet. Do not give your ragdoll cat drugs on your own except on the directives of your vet, as this may incur more problems.

Ragdoll cat needs regular checkups

This is one of the major bad things about Ragdolls. Because you send more money to keep them healthy.

You also spend time taking them to the vet because the have healthy issues that are genetic.

If you fall to see the vet regularly then your Ragdoll won’t live for the expected number of years.

They are Indoor Cat

Ragdolls are indoor cats and because of this, they demand a lot. Ragdoll cats depend on their owners a lot such that they demand you as the owner to do everything for them.

They can not survive for two days outside, and they can be too dependent to a fault. It is important you not that ragdolls can not be left alone.

Most cat owners will want their cat to go out and still come back this is not the case of a ragdoll, they will follow you up and down unlike other cats who will give you some space or privacy.

Among all the cats around Ragdoll have the least of the sharpest survival skills, and as such will always stay indoors and depend on their owners.

Shedding and Grooming

Ragdoll require lots of grooming because they have thick and long fur, without proper grooming your Ragdoll can groom itself which will lead to a health issue known as hairball.

Ragdolls can have serious shedding issues with rising temperature, unlike other cats. So if you live in the tropics expect some serious shedding.

One bad thing about Ragdolls is that when they shed you notice fur everywhere on your clothes, on the furniture, in your food, on anything you touch.

A rise in temperature can affect the color changes in Ragdolls.

Ragdolls are Lap Cats and Require Steady Cuddle

Ragdolls require lots of cuddles they won’t just leave you alone, they always want you to carry them around.

These might not be an issue for some people but might be a big issue to others.

Ragdolls also have a simple issue of their refusal to move out of the way, You’ll be coming down the stairs, and they’ll just lie there waiting for you to trip or go round them.

High Maintenance Cost

Ragdolls can live up to 17 years and during these years you spend a couple of dollars to keep them happy and health.

We can tell you that Ragdolls are among the top if not the number one in a list of cats that are too expensive to maintain.

Health maintenance wise ragdolls are still expensive.

Ragdolls need more love and care

Ragdolls eat a lot and very picky about the type of food they eat, will not eat dry food most of the time.

Ragdolls do not know fear, which is a major reason they should never be let outside, and if they stay inside you have to show more love and devote more time.

Ragdolls needs a human companion than most other cats, in short it will not be easy to keep a Ragdoll happy and healthy if you are the type that work 9 to 5.

Ragdolls have bad sleeping postures

Among the known cats, Ragdolls have the worse sleeping posture you can think of. You can wake up at midnight to find out your Ragdoll is sleeping on your head or in bad positions of your body.

They love to wake you up early morning even when their litter box is clean, just because they always want you around.

They can sleep in positions that will leave you speechless.

Ragdoll can be very vocal

When in need or lonely you will be surprised at how vocal a Ragdoll can be.

They can attack your legs when you are not paying attention to them or when you want to close the door behind you.

They can bite you when they love you so much and wants your undivided attention. This continues till when they stop growing at the age of 42 to 45 months, and some Ragdoll can continue even after they stop growing.

Ragdolls are not mousers

Most ragdolls can be in your house and allow other small animals to cause havoc without reactions.

Ragdoll cat are not bred to keep mice away but is unfair you have a ragdoll and you will still need ways to keep mice away.

Unlike other cats that do not allow any rodent or creepy animals cross their territory, most Ragdolls can not react.

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