Do Bengal Cats Get Along With Other Cats: How to Introduce Both

Do Bengal Cats Get Along With Other Cats

In this post, we will put an end to the question do Bengal cats get along with other cats, what you get in this post is exactly a result of my outreach and interaction with over 200 Bengal cat owners.

I didn’t just rely on just the owners said, I also made lots of research before coming up with this article.

People ask this question a lot and I want to put an end to it and that is why I contacted many real owners of Bengal cats before writing this post.

Over 90% of Bengal cat owners I contacted said Bengal cat do get long with other cats they live with, but the majority of them said Bengal cats are very territorial when it comes to outside cats crossing their territory.

Let me simply answer the question that brought you here before we proceed to discussing other things.

Do Bengal Cats Get Along With Other Cats?

Bengal cats are extremely energetic, active and territorial in nature and do not accept other strange cats crossing their territory, however when properly socialized a Bengal cat will accept and show affection to other cats living under the same roof.

The key takeaway here is that even with lots of socialization, your Bengal cat still find it difficult to accept another cat that is not living with him or her.

However, on the flip side of things, Bengal cats needs other cats to help solve some common behavior problems they have.

To understand more about these behavior problems, read more on 15 Bengal Cat Behavior Problems: Real Owners Opinions & Solutions.

Getting a second cat for your Bengal cat from the kitten stages is one of the best things you can do for your Bengal cat.

So let’s look at why your Bengal cat needs other cat.

Why Bengal cat need another cat

Here are some common reasons why your Bengal cat need other cats;

To help solve separation anxiety issues

Separation anxiety comes in when you always leave your Bengal cat at home or untended for long.

But with the presence of a companion cat and interactive toys the problem of separation anxiety is reduced or solved.

This is the biggest reason why you should get another cat for your Bengal cat to avoid unnecessary behaviors.

However, it is best to get both cats together from the kitten stages so that both cats grow together and become best of friends.

To help solve depression issues

A Bengal cats are hardly depressed when another cat is there to keep them busy all the long.

Depression is the root cause of most bad behaviors in cats, and separation anxiety will definitely lead to unnecessary depression.

So a second cat is very important in the life of your Bengal cat.

To help build their social life

Bengal cats are not naturally social cats like Ragdoll cats, and as such you need to help them socialize with other pets.

Getting a second cat will definitely help build your Bengal cat social life and make them less aggressive towards other pets.

To help solve loneliness

This is why Bengal cats get depressed and become aggressive and start unnecessary behaviors.

Loneliness causes Bengal cats to scratch and bite aggressively.

One way of solving the problem of loneliness as regards to Bengal cats is not just getting toys but getting a second cat.

To help them get more exercise

One important thing to note about Bengal cats is that they are very energetic and active and need things to do to avoid getting depressed.

If you get a second cat, it will go along way to help you Bengal cat get some exercise even when you are away.

Bengal cats love to play and run around, therefore getting a second cat makes life much easier for you and your cat.

To help them bond more to the family

The bonding of your Bengal cat not only help them to be more social but also help them to strengthen the bond with other family members.

The more you and the second cat stays together with your Bengal cat, the more affection grows towards all family members.

What Cats Do Bengal cats get along with?

List of Cats That Gets Along With Bengal Cat
List of Cats That Gets Along With Bengal Cat

Here is a list of the best breeds of cats that gets along with the Bengal cat, this list was made by asking the owners of Bengal cats;

  • Bengal cat
  • Siamese cat
  • Persian cat
  • Abyssinian cat
  • Burmese cat
  • Siberian cat

From the outreach I made the above list of cats are the top breeds of cats that gets along with Bengal.

Bengal cat is in the list because over 50% of people that replied to my outreach said they have a second Bengal cat.

This poll was made in 4 Reddit groups and 6 Bengal cat Facebook groups.

How do you introduce a Bengal cat to another cat?

Before we proceed, let’s point out what you will be needing to succeed.

  • Second water can
  • A second room or a basement
  • Another litter box
  • Another cat bed
  • Second feeding can or plate
  • More toys
  • A crate
  • Your time and patience

Here are the steps to take to successfully introduce a new cat to your resident Bengal, this applies to both kittens and adult cats;

1. Prepare for arrival of the new cat

You need to prepare a separate room or your basement to get ready to bring your new cat home.

Here are a couple of things to do;

  • Sweeping all corners to be clean.
  • Mapping out a small hiding place for your cat in the same room.
  • Placing the litter box in an area that is accessible.
  • Placing clean water for the new cat.
  • Keep a cat bed close to the hiding place you provided.
  • Make sure the room can be locked.

After carrying out all the above listed actions, head over to get your new cat with a carrier that fits the cat size.

2. The Arrival of the New Cat

Before you bring down the new cat from the car or whatever you used in transportation, you have to restrict your resident Bengal cat boundaries to avoid a surprise attack.

Make sure you do not allow your Bengal cat to have access to the new cat, no matter how well you think you have socialized your Bengal cat.

Bengal cats are great hunters and have natural hunting instincts, and can attack to protect their home.

Take the new cat into his or her room and allow him or her to explore the new house.

Give him or her space and time to get used to the new home, try and visit and see how his doing like 3 – 4 times per day.

Be sure he or she lacks nothing, once he or she is used to the new home get ready for proper introduction.

How will you know his, or she is ready for introduction?

You know when he or she becomes bold and stops hiding as you step in.

This process should not be rushed, allow he or she to go at her pace. Take your time because he or she needs confidence and courage to meet your Bengal cat.

3. Introducing the New Cat To The Resident Bengal Cat

Make sure you burn out the energy of the resident Bengal cat before making any introduction.

Its simple, just play the fetch game with your Bengal cat over 5 -10 minutes.

Once your Bengal is out and relax, gradually bring in the new cat and keep your eyes open to see reactions.

This introduction has no exact number of days it will be made, it can take longer than you expected depending on the personality of the cats.

Once you bring the new cat close to the Bengal cat, allow your Bengal cat to explore the new cat but be careful of sudden attacks.

If possible, put the Bengal cat on a leash to prevent dangerous attack.

Offer treats to both cats and cuddle both cat at the same time using different hands.

After the Bengal cat is done exploring the new cat, give them some time and take the new cat back to his or her room.

4. Re-Introduction of both Cats

The next day put your Bengal cat in the crate or leash and take the new cat round the house, allow him or her to explore the whole building.

When he or she is done, take him or her to explore your Bengal cat, this time remove the Bengal cat from his or her crate.

Give treats to both cats and introduce a new interactive toy like the electronic fish, allow both cats to explore the toy.

The new cat depending on its personality might not attack because everything is new, so pay more attention to your Bengal cat.

When they are done, take the new cat back to his or her room.

5. In-house Visit

This time take your Bengal cat to visit the new cat in his or her room. Give treats and cuddle before going.

Allow both to play with each other and provide toys as well, from time to time give treats and join the play.

After the play take the Bengal cat away.

At this stage you should have figured out if the Bengal cat is ready to accept the new cat.

6. Welcome to our world

Bring the new cat out when both cats are ready, never leave them unsupervised.

Place litter boxes, feeding plates, and water cans far from each other for the first few weeks.

Over time, both cats will become best of friends and look out for each other.

Take your time to follow the process don’t rush things.

FAQ About do Bengal cats get along with other cats

Are Bengal cats affectionate?

Yes, Bengal cats irrespective of its generation are very affectionate towards their owners and family members, but they would require socialization before they can accept new family members be it dogs, cats or other pets.

Bengal cats love to play a lot because they are extremely energetic, active and spirited.

Bengals welcome anybody provided you reward them or play with them.

Are Bengal cats good house pets

Yes, Bengal cats are good house pets because they get along with other cats, dogs or pets, and they show high level of affection to their owners and family members. They also protect their home from rodents and creepy animals.

To read more about Bengal cats as house pets, see this article; Are Bengal Cats Good Pets: A Honest Overview.

Are Bengal cats aggressive with other cats?

Bengal cats are incredibly territorial cats, and they are often aggressive towards other visiting or strange cats, however, if properly trained and socialized they get along with other cats living under the same roof with them.

Are Bengal cats wild

Yes, Bengal cats are wild cats because the First Generation of Bengal cat was bred through cross-breeding of Asian leopard cat and the Bengal cats are generally known as a great hunting cat.

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