Why Do Female Cats Run Away From Home: 7 Reasons

Why female cats run away from home

Why do female cats run away from home is a popular question.

Female cats run away from home for some reason, and today we will be looking at those reasons that will make your female cats run away from home.

If you are wondering what could be the reason why female cats run away from home, then you are in the right place.

Why Do Female Cats Run Away From Home

The major reason why female cats run away from home is for reproductive issues, mother-child protection instincts, birth issues, and the discovery of a better-come environment. Other reasons include abuse, less care, lack of time by their owners, presence of bigger or stronger animals, and many more which we will discuss today.

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Generally, cats run away for many reasons, but all these reasons can be grouped or explained in these four main headings.

However, we will be breaking it down beyond these headings, so let’s roll.

  • Hunting
  • Territory
  • Reproduction
  • Care

Here are more detailed reasons why female cats run away from home, so read through to find out why your female cats run away from home.

1. Reproductive issues

You can argue the fact that you may use a cat fence to stop your cat from going outside, but you can’t argue the facts that female cats are oftentimes on heat and needs a male cat to get through these difficult times.

Let’s face it, all animals even humans need the opposite sex to reproduce or as a helper whichever way you see it, and that is why the reproductive issue is the number one reason to look at when you are looking at why female cats run away from home.

When female cats are on the heat they are restless and will be looking at all possible exit routes from home, as they leave home because of this reason most times they come back home, and some other times they don’t.

Their coming back or not depends on some factors which include training, care, feeding, and many more.

If you take good care of your female cat to provide all she needs and make her environment comfortable, there is a high chance she will come back once she satisfies her sexual need, because she knows her home is better than where she is.

2. Presence of bigger predator

Bigger Predator - Why female cats run away from home
Bigger Predator – Why female cats run away from home

A bigger predator or a second animal that intimidates or makes the environment unsafe for a female cat can make your female cat think of checking up on another environment.

This is a major reason why most animals run away from their owners, not just female cats.

So find time to be or track your female cat to be sure no animal in your neighborhood is making her prey.

3. Birth issues

When a female cat is pregnant, and she is getting close to the date she will put to birth, so many factors influence her to run away from home or hide to going to where she thinks is safe to put to birth.

Don’t always think your home is safe for your female cat to have kittens because your environment may be too open for her and this will force her to run away seeking a hidden environment that can hide her kittens.

So try and make some places hidden or try to build some hidden nest for your pregnant female cat to reduce her chances of running away from home.

4. Mother & Child Protective Instincts

Mother and Child Protective Instincts - why female cats run away from home
Mother and Child Protective Instincts – why female cats run away from home

This reason is very important because you may even lose your kittens with their mum.

Female cats are among the pets that love hiding their young ones to some age range.

Once your female cat is put to birth she will hide her kittens for some while like 1 to 7 days before finally bringing them out and when they finally show up she won’t want people to over-touch her kittens and these may force her to call her kitten to run away.

If you live in a busy compound or have other family members who make the environment uncomfortable for your female cat, there is a high chance that your female cat will take her kittens and check for a better environment.

You can agree with me that the goal of every female animal is to make sure their young one is safe and well cared for even humans, this applies to the female cat and her kittens too.

Once she notices any form of threat towards her kittens she is off with them and there are high chances the new environment may be better than the one you provided for them.

5. Lack of Care

Female cats love hunting a lot and while their kittens are growing they once in a while take their kittens out to teach them how to hunt.

Don’t rule out that they may not come back or that their chances of coming back after a successful section are low.

Even though some female cats may use their long tail to teach their kittens how to hunt, some female cat would still love open field practicals which your home will not provide.

The level of care you show or provide to your female is directly proportional to her chance of running away from home.

Let me ask you are there any animals that don’t love to be cared for?

If am correct, the answer is no, and because the answer is no I encourage you to make out a good time and take good care of your female cat.

6. In Search of Food

Food is one of the major factors that cause female cats to run away from home.

Once a female cat is pregnant or put to birth they need food to maintain their kittens or stay fit.

Female cat need food to keep up with the need of their kittens.

And when you don’t give them food or provide a means of taking care of them and their kittens, don’t rule out the possibility that when you come home one day they will be long gone with their kittens in search of food.

Female cats need more attentions when they have kittens or when they are pregnant and feeding them is a major factor you will have to consider, if you really want them around.

This is a major point to consider when thinking about why do female cats run away from home.

7. Seeking Better Environment

Seeking Better Environment - why female cats run away from home
Seeking Better Environment – why female cats run away from home

Your female cat can run away if you relocate to a new city or when she noticed you are making plans or relocating.

Even when you get to the new city your female cat can still run away if the environment is not cat friendly.

Your female cat can also run away when you are not taking care of her and her kittens in order to seek a better environment.

Conclusion on why do female cats run away from home

Whenever you think of female cats running away from home, the center of your thought should be towards reproduction.

Whether she is on heat or issues surrounding her kittens, all other reasons are human-oriented.

Like she can run away because you changed the city, because you don’t have her time, or because you abuse her.

You can avoid your female cat from running away simply by cat-proofing your compound or by building a good cat fence around her environment.

Get a male cat for your female cat if you can’t take care of both then you will have to talk to any of your friends or neighbor who is a lover of cats to get a male cat when she is on heat, you can visit your friend or neighbor who has the male cat.

When your cat is pregnant, make sure you make some section of your compound hidden to allow your female cat to get places to hide and give birth.

If you have a cat with kittens make sure you make your compound comfortable for them, from one to 4 weeks make sure nobody touch or disturbs the kittens, so that their mum won’t run away with them feeling threatened.

Make sure no bigger animal is always fighting your female cat because once you allow this, your female cat has a high chance of running away.

However, the male cat will always stay and fight for his home while the female cat shy away.

You can use one of the best cat trackers on your cat so that you can easily track your female cat where ever she goes. This will go a long way to give you peace of mind.