Beagle As A Pet: Reasons Beagles Are Seen As Good Pets

Beagle As A Pet

Do you see a beagle as a pet? Of course, beagles are one of the best dogs used as a pet.

Beagles were originally bred to hunt hare and small birds or generally you can say they were bred for hunting.

Beagles are scent hound dogs that can be traced back to the United Kingdom.

Beagles are seen as pets due to their size and affectionate personalities and also they can adapt to apartments.

Here are some facts about beagles you should know.

Beagle As A Pet

Here are the common reasons beagles are seen as pet;

Playful nature

Playful nature - Beagle As A Pet
Playful nature – Beagle As A Pet

Beagles are among the top breeds of dogs that love to play with either adults or kids.

Since beagles need exercises to stay healthy, you can play the fetch games with your beagle as this will serve as a form of exercise.

Beagles come with lots of exercise and require you give them some form of exercise to keep up with their energy level.

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affectionate Nature

Beagles are among the top dogs that have much affection for their owners.

Even though they maybe difficult to train, when properly socialized and trained beagles can show the most affection to everyone around them.

Always remember to train your beagle with clickers and treats. During training do not forget to reward your beagle for good behavior.

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Grooming and level of shedding is one of the basic advantage of beagles over other dogs.

Beagles have short coats and are do not shed like other breeds of dogs. Grooming is a strong reason to see a beagle as a pet.

They require minimal grooming at least once a week as to other dogs with long or thick fur.

Beagles do well with other dogs

Beagles Do Well With Other Dogs - Beagle As A Pet
Beagles Do Well With Other Dogs – Beagle As A Pet

Beagles when properly trained and socialized go well with kids and other dogs.

For beagles to go well with other dogs you will require time, patience, and good training.

It is just better to get the beagle and second pet at the young stage as this will allow the beagle and the other pet to grow up together and become better friends.

Independent nature of beagles

You need a dog that will not take away all your time? Then get a beagle.

Beagles are among the breeds that won’t bug you for cuddles and hugs.

Beagles are fine alone most of the time, however, you need to get interactive and non interactive toys to keep them busy.

You have to get good toys for your beagle, this is one of the ways to keep them busy so as not to be destructive.

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low maintenance cost

Among all the popular breeds of dogs, the beagle is the cheapest and lowest dog to maintain.

Beagles are more independent than other popular breeds of dogs.

There are lots of diseases that are associated with dogs as the get older, beagles are among the breed of dogs that do well when the get older.

Generally, you spend less on food and maintenance when you have beagle as compared to other popular breeds.

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Obedience nature

Obedience nature - Beagle As A Pet
Obedience nature – Beagle As A Pet

Even though beagles are not easy to train but when you eventually get to train and socialize them its always fun for you.

Beagles are among the most obedient breeds of dogs when properly trained.

The use of clickers makes live a lot easier with beagles.

All you need is to work hard on obedience training and use clickers to give commands.


Beagles are among the popular breeds of dogs in the United States and as such they are mainly use as pets.

Hunters used beagles to hunt small birds and hare, as time goes on beagles were converted to pets because of their affectionate behaviors towards their owners.

When properly trained and socialized beagles do better than most breeds of dogs known as family dogs.

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Beagles love adventures with their owners

Beagles Love Adventures With Their Owners - Beagle As A Pet
Beagles Love Adventures With Their Owners – Beagle As A Pet

Beagles love hanging out but on the basis that they have been properly socialized.

Beagles are seen as pet because you can easily put a leash on a socialized beagle and walk down to parks.

Beagles love adventures with their owners.

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Beagles are seen as pet because the are easy to socialize.

There are many ways to socialize a dog, but one of the most important thing is obedience training.

Beagles are very intelligent and responds to training so make out time to teach your beagle with clickers.

Other things to know about beagles

Other things to know about beagles - Beagle As A Pet
Other things to know about beagles – Beagle As A Pet

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about beagles;

Do Beagles make good house pets?

Yes, Beagles are excellent family companion that are very affectionate towards their owners and make good house pets.

Beagles also make good family pets because of their low maintenance cost and easy to groom nature.

Is a Beagle a good first dog?

No, beagles are not too good for first time owners since beagles are difficult to train and they are very vocal.

Beagles require patient and time to train them. Beagles require experienced dog owners.

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Do beagles bark a lot?

Yes, beagles bark a lot when they are in need and are not a quiet breed of dog.

Beagles are among the most vocal breeds of dogs and can bark unnecessarily.

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Do beagles like to cuddle?

Yes, beagles love to be cuddled by their owners and can show much affection towards people who cuddle them.

Generally, beagles are independent and love to be on their own, at the same time show them love and they will become affectionate towards you.

Why does Beagles stink?

Beagles stink when you allow your beagle to be wet for a long time or when you allow your beagle to go outside to come in contact with dirty water or the environment.

How often should you wash a beagle?

You should make sure you wash your beagle once every 3 weeks especially if you let your go outside.

Always make sure your beagle is not wet after coming from outside as this can cause your beagle to stink.

How much do beagles cost?

A healthy beagle will cost around $300-$1500 on average, the price depends on the breeder’s price tags and size of the puppy.

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Should I brush my beagle?

Yes, make sure you brush or groom your beagle once every week to avoid hairballs.

Even though beagles have short coat they can still shed with a rise in temperature.

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