How To Identify A Pure Breed Of Beagle

How To Identify A Pure Breed Of Beagle

How To Identify A Pure Breed Of Beagle – Here is the best way to identify a pure breed of a beagle with these 7 physical features once you look at it you confirm if it’s a pure breed or mixed breed.

How To Identify A Pure Breed Of Beagle

Here are the 7 major physical features for you to identify a pure breed of beagle

  • Tail; The tip of the tail must be white.
  • Ear; The flapping ear must cover ²/³ of its head.
  • Color; The back must contain Tri-color (Black, White, & Brown).
  • Legs; The four legs must be white
  • Nose; The nose must be surrounded by white.
  • Eye; The eyelids must be surrounded by black color.
  • Forehead; A white line must run through the forehead.

Other ways to check for a pure breed of Beagle – How To Identify A Pure Breed Of Beagle

How To Identify A Pure Breed Of Beagle

There are other ways that have been proven to work when trying to check if your beagle is a pure breed, but this is after you already owned the beagle and it might be late by then.

So I suggest you make use of the above listed 7 physical features, which you can easily see just by looking at the dog.

1. Take the beagle to a known beagle breeder

There is always a dog breeder who breeds and sells. This is in a case where you get the beagle from elsewhere, it could be your friends, family or you bought from your neighbor and you feel you want to confirm the breed. Once the breeder sight the dog the result will be presented to you.

2. See a Veterinary Doctor

Veterinary doctors are doctors who specialize in animal health. The veterinary doctor will always have a way of sorting out the pure breed of dogs since it’s their job. So see a veterinary doctor and get the result you want.

It is also important to get acquainted with the veterinary doctor, because he or she will be important when your dog get sick.

3. See An Animal Scientist

An animal scientist is someone who studied animal science be it University or high school. They will always find a way of sorting the breed out, so talk to them.

Behavioral Characteristics of Beagle – How To Identify A Pure Breed Of Beagle

Assuming you already own a beagle, and you want to confirm if your dog is a pure breed. Here are some behaviors you look for;

1. Pure breed of beagle barks frequently

Beagle is a vocal breed of dogs because they belong to hounds. We can control this vocal nature through proper training, however no matter the level of training beagle can still be vocal when excited.

2. Beagle are difficult to train

Even experts find it a bit difficult to beagle how much more of an individual, beagle can be funny during training but not when hunting rabbits. Don’t be harsh with beagle during training because they are smart and always remember what you thought them.

3. Beagle Howl most times

If you are the type that sits alone without your beagle then expect your beagle to howl, because beagles howl when they are bored, lonely, or need to play with you.

4. Beagle has great tracking abilities
Beagle has great tracking abilities
Beagle has great tracking abilities

Beagles make the list of dogs that can track or can be used during hunting to track prey. Because they have a well-shaped nose, they sniff things a lot for scents. If your beagle doesn’t often sniff then is either is sick or a mixed breed.

Things to know about Beagle (General Over view)

Beagle is a breed of small and scent hound of dog that was primarily developed in the United Kingdom for hunting hare or small birds.

Beagle Colors

Beagle comes in different colors because we have pure breeds and mixed breeds. It is important to note that people crossbreed dogs or other animals to get different colors, characters, or specific choices of features. However, beagles come in different colors ranging from (black, brown, and white), (lemon and white), (white and tan), (chocolate tri), (white & chocolate).

What Are Beagle Temperaments?
  1. Amiable
  2. Intelligent
  3. Excitable
  4. Determined
  5. Even Tempered
  6. Gentle.
What Is The Average Weight Of An Beagle?
  • Male: 10 – 11 kg
  • Female: 9 – 10 kg
What Is The Average Height Of An Adult Beagle?
  • Male: 36 – 41 cm
  • Female: 33 – 38 cm
How long Can My Beagle Live?

Beagles can live for about 10 – 13 years.

Can I Use My Beagle To Hunt?

Yes, beagle can be used to hunt rabbits and small birds, this is because they are great trackers and are smart. They just need little hunt training and no rabbit will cross your compound.