How to Train a Beagle to Stay At home alone

How to Train a Beagle to Stay At home alone

How to Train a Beagle to Stay At home alone – Here is the list of best options on how to train a Beagle to stay at home alone while you are away for work or other schedules.

I Can tell you these options to work if you master them. Try it and it will surprise you.

How to Train a Beagle to Stay At home alone

Here is the list of things to do when trying to answer the question of how to train a beagle to stay at home alone. Once you have identified your beagle use any of the following.

  • Get enough play toys
  • Create a playpen
  • Train your beagle to remain in Crate
  • Command and instructions
  • Entertainment

Beagle is an amiable, excitable, and intelligent scent hound breed of dog that was developed primarily for hunting hare.

Beagle comes in different colors ranging from lemon & white, white & tan, chocolate tri, tri-color, white & chocolate, orange & white.

Let’s answer some questions you may have before we proceed

How Long Can I Leave My Beagle At Home Alone?

Beagles are very destructive if left alone unless with training, therefore an adult beagle should not be left alone for more than 5 hours, a beagle puppy should not be left alone for over 2 hours.

What Will Happen If I Leave My Beagle At Home Alone For Too Long?

  • They will become more destructive. It is important to note that once you leave your beagle at home without proper training, you should also make sure you keep your valuable items away before leaving home.
  • They will feel rejected and develop anxiety. When you leave your beagle alone for long, you should expect your beagle to build up some level of separation anxiety.
  • Aggressiveness will start setting in.
  • They start developing or learning how to bark more.
  • They will damage your properties out of frustration. When beagles are alone, they tend to be frustrated and may start destroying items.
  • If you continue to leave beagle at home, they might lose all the socialization tips you have taught them. If you don’t take your beagle for a walk for too long, then they will forget what happens outside your home.
  • Pooping and peeing where they are not supposed to.

What Can I Do To My Beagle Since I Can’t Leave Them At Home For Long

  • Depends on your work schedule, i believe your lunchtime is a good time to go see your beagle. While going to see your beagle please go with a good treat, because Beagles love to be rewarded.
  • Because you have socialized your beagle well you can keep them with your neighbor.
  • Any of your family members can keep your beagle provided is well-trained.
  • Daycare dog services can help you take care of your beagle.
  • Other beagle breeders.
  • If you have some cash get a pet monitor camera.

How to Train a Beagle to Stay At home alone

Now let’s talk about why you are here which is how to train a beagle to stay at home alone.

One thing that will make things easier for you is command or instructions.

Before we proceed it is important to note that training a beagle to stay at home alone is easier done at the puppy stages than the adult stage.

Get enough play toys

Get enough play toys
Get enough play toys

When you get a new beagle (Puppy) you should try as much as possible to also get play toys so that the puppy can have a favorite toy, as these toys will help during your training to keep them busy while you are away.

Once the beagle at the puppy stage makes their choice, then take the rest of the toys away.

When you are busy take the beagle into his crate or living area, then introduce the play toys and continue what you are doing, when you are done release the beagle and play with it for a while.

By doing this, your beagle starts to understand that when you are not around, they should get busy with their toys.

Create a playpen

A playpen is a section of the compound built for your beagle to play. When you get the beagle also build a playpen where you can keep all sorts of playthings or items for the beagle.

When you are less busy, take your beagle into the playpen, play with it a bit stand up and point at a play item or direct your beagle to a specific play item then leave the playpen, if your beagle tries to leave with your stop and start all over again.

Do this until your beagle responds, after the beagle responds, repeat it repeatedly, till your beagle starts understanding where to be if you are away.

Train your beagle to remain in Crate

Train your beagle to remain in Crate - How to Train a Beagle to Stay At home alone
Train your beagle to remain in Crate

Crates make Beagle feel safe but not for long. However, if you will be away for over 2 hours please, and please don’t crate them.

A crate is only suitable for a short period, if not your beagle will start feeling rejected or confined which will later lead to aggression.

With good instructions or light commands, you can send your beagle into the crate. Don’t forget to put items that will keep them busy.

In training your beagle to stay in the crate, you can start it when you are at home and less busy.

First, call your beagle into the crate use the word sit which you have used during training if your beagle sits don’t close the crate just walk away. And see if it follows you.

If your beagle follows you out of the crate start again until you beagle understand what it means to sit in the crate, only then can you close the crate?


This is a powerful answer to the question of how to train a Beagle to stay at home alone. Beagles are known to be amiable, Excitable, and intelligent entertainment could make them busy.

To use this option, it is better with beagle adults than puppies. They are tons of video cartoons out there to keep your beagle busy just make sure you get an entertaining pack.

To use these options, you have to start watching all the pack of cartoons you got together with your beagle, this is to identify the ones your beagle responds most to.

Once you identify the packs, you can record all the packs to be all in one after which you can play it and see how busy your beagle will be watching the cartoon characters, such that your beagle won’t know when you leave the room.

However, to use this option it should be in a basement or garage where you can keep food for the beagle because after jumping up and down trying to do what the characters in the cartoon does your beagle will be tired and may sleep off.

Please build the TV firm to the walls so that your beagle will see no cables. Also, place cute toys alone side your beagle.

Commands and instructions

This option ties all other options together. With proper training, obeying commands or instructions can be easily learned by your beagle.

During training teach your beagle all the commands like sit, stay, bed, eat, come, move, stop, etc. This will help you a lot with the other options i listed above.

For example, if you have a bed for your beagle, and you have taught your beagle well, if you want to go out you can easily tell your beagle “go to bed and stay there, I will be back”.

But before you do this you must have tested your beagle many times and see if it works.

What breed of dogs that can stay home alone for long?

  • Basset Hound
  • Boston Terrier
  • Akita Inu
  • French Bulldog
  • Chow Chow
  • Chihuahua
  • Shar Pei
  • Bull terrier
  • Pugs


Training your beagle to stay at home alone is something you should start from the puppy stages, is often difficult to train an adult beagle to stay at home alone.

If you really want to know how to train a Beagle to stay at home alone, then practice leaving your beagle alone when you are there.

For your dog to be calm and comfortable about being home alone they must see it as a big deal.

Make sure leaving and it keeps returning on low-key.

Beagles are masters at reading our emotions so stop kisses and cuddles when you know you will be away for a long, look at your beagle rub your two palms together and say be a good dog then off you go.

Last words before you leave the house make sure no valuable things are out as they may destroy it out of frustration before you get back.

Lock your room and keep enough play toys for your beagle before going, remember not to stay too long.

If you are working, then consider visiting your beagle during lunchtime.

Generally is not good to leave the Beagles at home alone for too long.