How to stop a dog from being aggressive: Cool Tips

how to stop a dog from being aggressive

how to stop a dog from being aggressive is a question dog owners ask a lot.

Here are some proven ways to stop your dogs from being aggressive, as dog aggression is a big problem for every dog owner, here are also what led to the aggressiveness.

Here is what you get in this post;

  • What Are The Medical Causes of Dog Aggression?
  • What Are The Types of Dog Aggression?
  • Signs of Aggression in Dogs
  • Why is my dog aggressive outside
  • Where to surrender an aggressive dog

Signs of Aggression in Dogs

  • Pinned back Ears
  • Baring Teeth
  • Snarling
  • Growling
  • Temporary increase in size
  • Stiff body posture
  • Charging forward

Where to surrender an aggressive dog

  • Experience dog owner: if you notice your dog is been too aggressive and you can’t apply any of these tips given here or you have applied it and your dog is still aggressive try seeing an experienced dog owner.
  • Dog training facilities: there are lots of dog training facilities in every country, these facilities already have a special way of dealing with an aggressive dog just contact them.
  • Dog rescue groups: the dog rescue groups are groups dedicated to helping dogs that lost their way or that escaped from its owner. This group has a way of dealing with Aggressive dogs.
  • Good Dog sanctuaries and shelters: the shelter is a good place to keep an aggressive dog or a homeless dog.
  • Dog rehabilitation centers: A dog rehabilitation center is a perfect place to drop or rehabilitate your aggressive dog.

Why is my dog aggressive outside

Why is my dog aggressive outside
how to stop a dog from being aggressive
  • Lack of socialization during grooming: If for any reason you fail to socialize your dog with the outside world during training, then expect a high level of aggression from your dog when you visit people with your dog.
  • Fear: Dogs are always aggressive once they develop any sense of fear around them. So when you are outside with your dog and your dog no longer feels safe, then expect some level of aggression.
  • Abuse: Some countries have banned the abuse of dogs. However, abused dogs are always aggressive both inside and outside, this is a way of pouring out their inner feelings.
  • Protectiveness towards owner: some breeds of dog have this protectiveness in them towards their owners and won’t hesitate to be aggressive when an unknown face approach their own.
  • Experience from meeting other dogs: maybe your dog had a horrible experience in the past with other dogs, then expect a high level of aggressiveness when you take your dog outside.
  • Breeds: some breeds have aggression in them, for example, Dogo Argentino, so expect some level of aggression when you take them outside.

What Are The Types of Dog Aggression To Note?

  • Maternal Aggression
  • Possessive Aggression
  • Territorial Aggression
  • Protective Aggression
  • Pain-Related Aggression
  • Fear Aggression
  • Sexual Aggression
  • Predatory Aggression
  • Redirected Aggression
  • Social Aggression

What Are The Medical Causes of Dog Aggression

What Are The Medical Causes of Dog Aggression
how to stop a dog from being aggressive
  • Epilepsy
  • Brain tumors
  • Encephalitis
  • Head trauma
  • Hydrocephalus
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Seizures. Read more here

Let’s talk about why you are here, which is How to stop your dogs from being aggressive.

How to stop a dog from being aggressive

Here are some common ways to stop pt train a dog not to be aggressive:

1. Select the right breed

This is the number one thing to understand when trying to answer the question of how to stop your dogs from being aggressive.

You can’t get a Dogo Argentino, pit bull, or Chihuahua and not want aggression, therefore it is important to research the breed of dog you want to get before buying or adopting it.

Tips; Remember, getting some breeds of dog is buying troubles for yourself.

2. Keep fear objects away

This is the main cause of aggression in dogs, most times fear is difficult to handle in dogs.

One way to help dogs over fear is adequate dog exercise as this will help maintain the dog’s healthy state of mind and also make the dog stable.

Fear could come from negative experiences, inadequate puppy socialization, or lack of training.

Solution; Avoid your dogs from getting in fights with bigger dogs.

Expose your dog to self-defense training from a young stage.

3. Socializing at an early stage

The socialization factor could land you into trouble because one day your dog will jump on or attack your visitor, then you will call it aggressiveness.

Unsocialized dogs are dogs you kept in your backyard and trained alone without taking the dog for a walk.

Sometimes the said dog doesn’t even know how the outside world looks like.

Maybe you don’t even allow your neighbor to know your dog’s name, with this type of training how do you expect your dog not to be socially aggressive.

Solution; start socializing your dog from the puppy stages, I mean taking them for an evening walk or visiting neighbors so that when the dog grows up, seeing people won’t be a problem.

4. Proper training sessions

This is the best answer to your question of how to stop your dogs from being aggressive.

60% of dog aggressiveness comes from improper training, even the military has to train their dogs before it obeys commands.

So you have to give your dog proper training to minimize or eradicate aggressiveness.

Most times dog owners think is just feeding that encompasses training, far from that proper training gives rise to less aggression.

They are many training guards online to help you give your dog proper training.

5. Getting good play toys

The play toys you get for your dogs will play an important role in dog aggressiveness.

They are many types of play toys for dogs, you can buy up to 5 play toy and allow your dog to make a choice.

Watch your dog closely and see which of the play toy spike happiness or makes the dog want to play more.

Play toys have been proven to increase happiness in dogs as you see them jump up and down with the toys.

Also, remember that a cheerful dog has less time for aggression. I have tried this, and it worked.

6. Paying attention when they need something

This is a great way to help prevent dog aggressiveness and to build a strong relationship between you and your dog.

Assuming your dog wants to play or needs something, then the dog walks up to you wagging tail and you practically ignore it.

Let me ask you do you think the dog will be happy walking away? Tell us in the comments section.

Attending to your dog when you observe the tail wagging is a good way to reduce dog aggressiveness.

7. Maintaining the same daily routine

This may sound funny but it works, this boils down to a good feeding schedule.

For example, you trained your dog to eat between 7 – 8 am daily, suddenly you start feeding your dog by 11 am do you expect your dog not to be aggressive when the dog stomach is already conditioned to feed by 7 am?

To help minimize your dog’s aggressiveness, stop changing your feeding schedule anytime you want. Get a fixed schedule and stick to it.

If most change your feeding schedule then stick to your new feeding schedule don’t go back to the old schedule.

Changing your feeding schedule will make your dog feel bad and not cared for. Dogs have feelings too.

8. Devoted care & vet visit

Dogs are less aggressive when they are properly cared for, caring for a dog encompasses lots of things ranging from feeding, exercises, socializing, bathing, attention, training, and check up with Vet Doctors.

Look into all the above lists and amend where you fall short to reduce the chances of your dog being aggressive.

Also, remember that seeing a Veterinary Doctor will resolve most issues for your dog.

9. Consult experienced dog owner or trainer

This is important when trying to answer the question of how to stop your dogs from being aggressive.

As this point has worked for many people, when your dog gets too aggressive always and you can’t figure out why please contact an experienced owner or trainer, they will give you solutions that may stop the aggressiveness.

Training a dog for long periods will leave you with lots of experience as a dog owner.

There is no way you can compare yourself with an experienced dog owner, therefore once your dog start getting unnecessary aggressiveness try and see an experienced dog owner.

Conclusion on how to stop a dog from being aggressive

Dog aggression is a problem every dog owner face, I have given you some ways to stop or control it.

If you have a way of controlling the aggressiveness of your dog.


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