How to Handle a Destructive Beagle – 7 Most Effective Ways

How to Handle a Destructive Beagle – Here the best steps to deal with a destructive beagle. Things you should not do when your Beagle destroys your items.

How to correct your beagle when they destroy your items. Beagles can be very destructive when you are not looking after them properly, so read through and find out how to handle a destructive beagle.

How to Handle a Destructive Beagle

Here are the basic 7 ways on how to handle a destructive Beagle, so read through and find out the possible ways.

1. Get a teething toys for beagle puppies

We know beagles to be more destructive during the puppy stages, beagles make 60% destruction at the puppy stages than the adult stage.

This is because they are more difficult to control at the puppy stages, you can easily command an adult beagle to stop but the puppies continue what they are doing, and as they grow, they obey more commands.

During the teething stages of a beagle puppy, their teeth often scratch them, therefore if you don’t want them to destroy things get a teething toy for them. This will keep them busy and away from your items.

2. Never leave your beagle alone for long

Beagle anxiety is often caused by loneliness once your beagle is lonely because you left them alone, expect all kinds of behavior including destroying items around in order to pour out inner feelings.

If must leave them alone for long, then enclose all exit routes. There is more detailed information on this point and more, just visit here.

3. Beagle Proof Your House

This is an acceptable point for beagle owners who are always busy at home. When you are busy cooking or doing other things, oftentimes your beagle is busy with other kinds of stuff.

To stop your beagle from destroying items while you are busy, then beagle proof your house. This should not sound like a big deal you can beagle proof your house yourself.

Beagles can jump high in order to pass a blockage so as your setting your house, it is important to completely shut down every exit route. Remember, you can only do this if you’re the type that is always busy at home.

4. Beagle Chewing Toys

beagle chew toy - How to Handle a Destructive Beagle
beagle chew toy – How to Handle a Destructive Beagle

While teething toys are for beagle puppies, chewing toys can also serve both adult beagle and beagle puppies. If you get chewing toys for your beagle, it will reduce the rate at which your beagle chew your items by 10%.

This is one of the most effective answer to the question of how to handle a destructive Beagle, therefore don’t miss getting chewing toys for your beagle.

There are lots of chewing toys online or at local shops you can get, I recommend KONG products. However, chewing toys are very effective when it comes to keeping your dog busy and away from destroying your items.

5. Limit your beagle access to places you kept valuables

Do not mix this up with beagle proofing because they are different things that look alike, let me explain with an illustration.

Let’s assume you have a basement or a garage in your apartment, and you have valuable items in this your basement, then all of a sudden you leave your beagle at the basement or garage to attend to something in your room and it took you 2 hours to get back.

If your beagle is not well-trained my friend, when you come back to your basement or garage you will be shocked at what you will see. However, if you have your valuable items in your private room what stops you from restricting your beagle access to your room.

You can stuff your basement with play toys for your beagle, and remove all valuable items, this is because 75% of all the destruction made by beagles is done or carried out when you are not looking at them.

So restricting or limiting your beagle access to where you keep valuable is a cool answer to how to handle a destructive Beagle.

6. Start corrections from the puppy stage

Once you notice any form of destructiveness from your beagle puppy, make sure you don’t ignore it and say after all it’s a puppy as these ignoring will someday hurt you.

Let me tell you a short story of what happened in my neighborhood, I breed, train, and sell dogs and cats for a living before I started blogging.

I sold a puppy to my neighbor and when he got home; the puppy ate his son’s shoe because they didn’t feed the puppy when he told me I tried to ask him a few questions but he told me it’s nothing.

Later the puppy became so destructive that he has to sell it. Although he later bought another dog from me at a higher price, this is the effect of ignoring little signs.

7. Proper training/feeding of your beagle

This is a key answer when trying to find out how to handle a destructive beagle. Proper training allows you and your beagle to set out rules guiding your home.

If you fail to set out these rules, your beagle will start doing or behaving anyhow, so it’s important to set some rules from the very day your beagle hits your doorstep.

The rules of what to do, what not to do, where to poo, where not to poo, what to play with, what not to play with, what to touch, what not to touch, etc. All these rules comes during training.

It is important to note that beagles are so intelligent, so just lay out your from the puppy stages. Use your fingers to set these rules.

Thumbs up with a smile is what to do, waving your index finger with boldface is what not to do. Do this always as you train your beagle. Let’s discuss how to correct your Beagle.

Remember when beagles are hungry and you are not close they tend to chew whatever they see. Feeding your beagle at the appropriate time is a good answer to the question of how to handle a destructive beagle.

Don’t Do these things to your beagle when they Destroy items

  1. Please do not use electric shock items on your Beagle: Electric shock items will make your dog feel bad and rejected. Some countries have bound the use of electric shock equipment on animals.
  2. Don’t rub your Beagle’s nose or mouth in their urine or poo. This is bad and it will only lead to dog abuse, which will make your Beagle feel uncomfortable.
  3. Do not chase after your beagle, no matter what. If you continue chasing after your beagle when your items get spoiled, your beagle will start hiding or staying away from you. They won’t be relaxed.
  4. Please don’t hit or hurt your Beagle, because they destroyed an item. This is bad because most times your beagle spoiling your item is your fault, you know you have a dog why placing your items in the wrong places. If you keep your valuable things well, your beagle won’t spoil it.

How to correct beagles after destroying items

beagle - How to Handle a Destructive Beagle
beagle – How to Handle a Destructive Beagle

Don’t think getting mad at your beagle when it destroys items is bad, don’t feel bad at correcting your beagle either. Here are a few tips you may try.

  • Bring out the destroyed item to an open space and also the same item that is still intact to the same open space, hold your beagle lightly at the neck pointing to the destroyed item, and waving your index finger like saying oh no don’t try this again. Make sure your beagle understands the difference between the intact item and the destroyed item.
  • Get your beagle crate with keys and also get the destroyed item, drag your beagle lightly into the crate and lock it up, then place the destroyed item in front of the locked crate. Wave now at your beagle saying oh no then point at the item, do this for 5 times then walk away and watch the reaction of your beagle.
  • Get a clicker: clickers are dog training equipment used during dog training to reduce the lag time between when your dog does what you want it to do and the time limit you what it done. Clickers can only be useful if you have used them during your Beagle training if you never used clickers then it won’t work.

Are Beagles Destructive?

Yes, Beagles are very destructive when not properly trained or when you leave them alone at home for too long (7hours). Without any form of entertainment or toys to keep them busy all day while you are at work, beagles will destroy your valuable items before you get home from work.


I hope you have gotten a few tips to add to what you already know about how to handle a destructive Beagle.

However, you need to be consistent with the way you discipline your Beagle including your body language and a firm tone of voice.

Beagles are Intelligent so never resort to shouting and hitting them because this will or may get the opposite response to the one you want.

Don’t give your beagle inappropriate toys and always put valuable items away from your beagle reach.

Finally, remember to use command tips like waving your index finger, body language, and talking when training your beagle. Feel free to add your beagle experiences in the comments section below.


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