14 Benefits of Having a Pet You Should Know

Benefits of Having a Pet

There are a lot of benefits of having a pet, which we will outline and discuss in this post, because pets are growing popular by the day there is a need to let people understand its benefits.

Here are some benefits of having a pet you should know with health benefits and precautions to take if you live with pets.

Benefits of Having a pet

Here is the explanation of the above-listed benefits of having a pet worthy of note.

1. Pets help provide an extra source of exercise

Most animals love to exercise in contrast to humans, apart from people looking for fitness every normal human feels lazy about exercise.

Having a pet will keep you fit because each time you meet your pet its fun, pets will always want to play with their owner at any point in time, thereby allowing some quick exercise which in turn helps the circulation of blood in the body, I bet you know how far this helps the body.

For example, if you have a dog that requires daily walks, when you walk your dog you also get a form of exercise on a daily basis.

2. Pets will always enhance your mood

It is important to note that pets improve your mood and temperament, for example, you are watching your favorite Television show and all of a sudden your Tv goes bad, instantly your mood will change.

If you treat your pets well you get a strong bond with them, once your TV goes off your pet for example dogs will notice a change in your mood and most well-trained dogs will quickly jump on you want to play, and this will help with your mood at the moment.

3. Pets make you feel a more responsible

The thought of having something to care for makes you responsible and stay out of trouble most times.

However, your pet needs our attention for almost everything, for example, dogs would want to play with us, take a walk with as well as depending on us for food.

Furthermore, getting up from bed in the morning and knowing you have a pet to keep up with, adds sense and meaning to the purpose of our lives.

This point is an important benefits of having pets you should have known.

4. Pets make great companions

It is important to note that cats and dogs especially make great companions.

these two pets are always waiting to welcome you back home at any point in time. These are interesting benefits of having a pet.

Let’s assume you live alone or your family is not always home, or they are working 24/7, most times when you come home and notice no one is at home you fill alone, then in such a case, you need a pet either a dog or a cat as a companion.

5. Pets help you make new friends

If you have a good beautiful and friendly pet for example a cat, dog or a parrot try taking a walk down the street or parks.

I bet you definitely as you walk down you must see new people who would want to touch, hold or play with your pet or even want to know more about your pet.

Where you bought them or how you keep them happy, by so doing you get new friends, just make sure you don’t keep an ugly pet.

Visiting dog parks, other pet owners, or lovers are also a way your pet can help you make friends.

6. Pets help keep other unwanted animals away

If you live close to bushes or a forest, you wouldn’t want creeping animals around your home or kids.

Then you need pets like cats, a study has shown that cats keep away little creepy animals from their environment.

For example, let’s assume you have a cute cat and your kids are playing around if a small snake creeps into your compound, be rest assured that the cat will fight the snake to the end and keep your kids safe.

To see proves of this point, head over to YouTube, you will find many videos of cats fighting creepy animals like snakes at home.

7. Pets make kids become caring & responsible

Pets Make Your Kids Become Caring & Responsible
Pets Make Your Kids Become Caring & Responsible

Today is no longer a secret that kids love animals and when they are old enough to keep them as pets, they can really teach kids very important skills.

This is about learning the practical skills required to own a pet, such as cage cleaning, lawn mowing, and training tips.

They will also develop kids parenting and empathy skills, which are very important later in life.

So please get a cute pet for your kids as it will always keep them busy.

8. Pets offer unconditional love to owners

An example of this point is the stories we hear every day about pets giving their lives for their owners, what more love do you want from an animal than this.

Even if your human relationship is unstable, once you raise a good pet don’t question the safety of your relationship with your pet. Pets are also examples of best love.

If we show compassion for everyone, like a pet, the world will be a better place.

Not only that, the world will be much better if we all love as much as pets love us. Just imagine how your pets feel when you want to feed them.

9. Pets help better our social & communication skills

Do you want to improve your social or communication skills? Then keep a well-trained pet, people with pets must always have good social relationships.

Children who grow up in pet-fed families always respect every living thing.

If you have raised a good pet you will always know when to talk and play with your pet, or when they don’t want you close this applies to humans, pets will teach you when to communicate with people.

10. Pets help cement good relationship between kids

These are interesting benefits of having a pet in your home.

If you have kids that are always fighting each other whenever you’re away, get a pet for them if you’re going home today.

As study and self-experience have shown that pets cement or build bonds between kids.

For example, if you have a kid in your neighborhood that is always fighting yours, get a good pet as both kids will start playing with each other and as such build a good relationship between both kids.

11. Pets offer some level of safety

With a good pet (Dogs) at home, your safety is guaranteed to a high extent, be sure that they will be no sudden break into your home.

No burglar alarm can be better than a dog at home.

Studies and experiences have shown that most pets will die protecting their owners.

A well-trained dog will always stand-in for the owner at all costs, to see more proof of this point head to YouTube or Google search you will find many stories of pets who died protecting their owners.

12. Pets help owners fight temporary fear

This point may sound funny but it’s 100% true because am a living witness to it let me prove it to you.

One day at exactly 2 am I was awake studying, I heard loud screaming and movement in my backyard.

I was already panicking and agitating, but there was this huge relief of fear when I heard my dog barking.

So, you should consider getting a good dog today if you live alone.

13. Pets help to structure your daily routines

Studies have shown many pets especially dogs, need regular feeding and exercise.

A consistent routine allows animals to maintain balance and calmness.

However, it is important to note that whatever your mood may be at any point in time be it depression, anxiety, stress, etc.

A sad look at your pet will require you to get out of bed or leave whatever you’re doing to feed, exercise, and take care of them.

This means you cannot stand and watch them not displaying happiness.

Pet will also help you set a daily routine you will stick to, feeding time, playing time, exercise time, and so forth.

14. Pets bring internal peace, joy and happiness

Take it or leave it when you’re so sad and you turn to your well-trained pet, there’s this internal relief you will get from seeing your pet playing.

I have experienced this over and over again, at a point when I want to play with someone I head to my dog.

But be careful so that your pet don’t replace the joy humans bring.

Health Benefits of Having a pet

Health benefits of Having a Pet
Health Benefits of Having a Pet

Here are the health benefits of having a pet you should know.

1. Increase immunity and fight allergy

This point may sound awkward, but research has shown it’s real.

Let me explain imagine a kid growing up in a farmhouse whose parents train pets and sell pets.

For example, dogs when the kid is growing up no matter how careful the parents may be, the kid will surely catch bacteria time to time, overtime surely the kid will build strong immunity against bacteria.

However, studies have shown that kids who grow up with pets tend to or develop strong immunity against pet allergens.

2. Pets help reduce depression

Many studies and experiences have shown that people who own good and healthy pets will always suffer less depression as opposed to people who don’t care or have pets.

3. Pets help us fight against heart attacks

After asking people who suffer a heart attack, it will be agreed that heart attack patients who have pets survive longer as opposed to patients who don’t have or keep pets. However, pets owned by these patients are dogs.

4. Pets help senior citizens stay happy

I asked, and they answered this; (Am always happy to see my dog have new puppies), (Am happy now because of my granddaughter and of course her little dog), (Am happy to have my parrot always talking).

After hearing from senior citizens over the age of 65 who own pets (dog & birds).

I found out that they make fewer visits to their doctors because of much happiness coming with living with pets, as opposed to senior citizens who don’t have pets.

5. Pet presence help lower blood pressure

A study has shown that there is a relationship between the joy our pets bring and lowering blood pressure during stress therefore people who live with pets have lower blood pressure in stressful situations as opposed to people living without pets.

Health Precautions to take if you are living with pets

If you live with pets wash your hands after the following activities;

1. wash your hands after touching, petting, or playing with your pet.

2. If you live with any don’t forget to wash your hands before preparing food or drinks.

3. After handling pet house or equipment (cages, tanks, toys, food, and water dishes, etc.) wash your hands.

4. Wash your hands after feeding your pet or handling pet food.

5. After leaving areas where animals live don’t forget to wash your hand.

6. After cleaning up your pets make sure you wash your hands.

7. Wash your hands before eating and drinking if you live with pets.

8. After removing soiled clothes or shoes as a result of staying with your pets wash your hands

9. After having a nap, siesta, or laying beside your pets.


After reading the benefits of having a pet it is important to note that caring for pets can be tough and take a lot of hard work and dedication, but that’s part of what makes our relationship with pets so rewarding.

The hard work we put in manifests itself in a healthy physical condition, mental and social state, and creates a loving emotional connection with our pets.

Am sure after reading this article you have found out that the positive energy and rewards that pets give speak for themselves and are not something to be trifled with. Finally, I urgently suggest you get a pet.

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