13 Reasons Why are Dogs aggressive

Why are dogs aggressive is exactly what this post is all about, we will outline some of the common reasons why dogs may become aggressive.

Dogs could be aggressive for different reasons here is the list of top reasons why dogs are aggressive, how to identify an aggressive dog.

How to identify aggressive dogs

How to identify aggressive
How to identify aggressive
  1. Less responsive to a command
  2. Showing its teeth unnecessary
  3. Constant Growling
  4. Always barking
  5. pulling you back while you want forward
  6. Snapping a lot
  7. lunging

How to stop dog aggressiveness


This is a proven way to stop or control your dog from being aggressive

  1. Maintaining the same daily routine
  2. A good type of food
  3. Devoted Care
  4. Socializing at an early stage
  5. Good feeding schedule
  6. Paying attention when they need something
  7. Proper Training
  8. Get muzzle device
  9. Getting good play toys
  10. Selecting the right breed

Now let’s discuss why you are here

Why are dogs aggressive

Here are the common reasons why dogs are aggressive either to humans or other animals:

1. Genotype datasets or traits

A genotype is a set of genes that are inherited in the body that can be passed from parents to offspring.

Genes are involved in determining the characteristics (phenotypes) observed in the body such as hair color, height, behavior.

Now you have understood what genotype is all about, let me break it down.

Some breeds of dogs have aggression in their genetic dataset, for example, Dogo Argentino which has been banned from most countries.

If you have this breed of dog, how would you expect to have a perfect experience? Definitely one day this breed of dog will show you a bit of what they made of.

Therefore, before you get any breed of dog try to research its backgrounds. Because these days they are a lot of mixed breeds of dogs

2. Illnesses

We can see illness as a disease or period of sickness affecting the body or mind, injection of spoiled food or germs into the body could cause this.

When your dog is ill, and you don’t notice it most times, the dog is very aggressive towards you or your family.

A sick dog will always be aggressive because is in pain.

They are many factors that could lead to dog illness; Parasites, Fungi, Bacteria, Viruses, etc.

This could be from its environment or food. This answers the question of why are dogs aggressive.

3. Jealous of other pets around

Most breed of dogs love to stay alone, so before you get any breed of dog try to research what past owners said about the dog or go online and see reviews.

A good example of this point is clear even to humans.

Assuming you have a dog for 4 years then suddenly boom!!!

You decide to bring a cat in because your neighbor or friend has a cat, by so doing you have invited aggression all by yourself.

With this new cat, you don’t expect your dog to smile at you, no matter the level of training. It is easier to get both of them together, so they grow along.

4. When hungry or starved

Starving a dog is so bad that this may lead to you hurting yourself, a hungry dog is always aggressive.

Dogs eat a lot when growing, so make sure you have a feeding pattern.

Let’s make a case of this, assuming you leave for work by 7 am then closes work by 3 pm and you live all by yourself, u forgot to feed your dog because you have a breed of dog that sleeps a lot.

Then when you close by 3 pm and heads to the store to get some stuff, finally when you get home by 5 pm do you expect your dog to be happy with you?

5. Fear

This is an unpleasant feeling triggered by the perception of danger, evil, pain even if such feelings are real or imagined.

It is important to note that whenever dogs perceive danger at any point be it at night or day, they will always be aggressive towards humans or other animals around.

Fear could make a dog aggressive even to its owner, I have experienced this a lot.

So try to remove any form of fear around your house.

6 Pain

This is a good reason why dogs are aggressive because if your dog is in pain, then expect some aggressiveness even towards you as the owner.

Pain makes dogs uncomfortable, the pain could be caused by illness or injury, so when your dog is unnecessary aggressive check if it’s injured or ill.

7. Social aggression

This aggression comes from your dog not meeting other dogs or humans and it’s bad, so try to go out some time with your dog, or visit other dog owners during your dog training stages.

This is serious and could land you into trouble, let’s make a case of it.

Assuming you have a dog and you never take it for a walk down the street, and people don’t visit you often.

Then one day you invite people for a house party, or you hit the road with your dog (German Shepherd) what results will you expect!

8. Less Care

This is among the top points it applies to even humans too, it is bad to just own a dog you can’t care for.

It’s just better you don’t own one, less care may lead to dogs attacking their owners once in a while.

There are many guard books on how to care for a dog online grab one and read. I will write an article about caring for a dog which is a bit different from training a dog.

When your dog poops, you won’t mind cleaning up the house, or giving your dog food in dirty plates.

This is bad and can lead to unnecessary aggression from your dog.

9. Frustration

A frustrated dog can attack anyone even the owner, when frustrated dogs show a high level of aggression and many factors contribute to dog frustration; not paying attention to the dog, breaking your dog feeding pattern, less care than usual, etc.

Even humans are sometimes aggressive when frustrated so why won’t dog be aggressive when frustrated.

A frustrated dog can do things you never expected, so make sure your dog don’t get frustrated always.

10. Abuse

This is a good reason why dogs are aggressive, when you or your family abuse any breed of dog than expect a high level of aggressiveness, not only are dogs aggressive when abused but also attack people.

A good example of this is beating your dog unnecessary and not showing attention when your dog needs it, or also starving it.

11. Possessiveness

Possessiveness can include strict ownership coming from a dog.

An example of this can be seen every day if you own a dog, when you get a play toy for your dog and your neighbor kids want to touch the toy I bet you the kids will regret coming to your house in the first place.

Another example is when your dog is eating and someone tries to get close to the dog feeding area, definitely, expect some level of aggression.

Another example is when the dog is protecting you or the environment from an unknown face.

12. Protectiveness

This has to do with affection, when you train your dog properly and you are so attached to your dog, then expect a high level of aggressiveness towards unknown visitors who may try to hurt you.

This is an important reason why dogs are aggressive as this applies to every guard dogs because they are always aggressive towards protecting their owners.

A dog is also aggressive when trying to protect its kid or owner.

13. Pregnancy

This is a major reason why dogs are aggressive towards humans, during the latter days of pregnancy dogs are more aggressive because they are restless or uncomfortable, but after delivery, they may be less aggressive until their kids grow.

I have experienced this a lot when training a pregnant dog, so when your dog is pregnant and aggressive just give it time.


It is always a frightening experience to be around or see dogs aggressive.

It’s even scarier when it’s a dog that is usually docile and friendly but then suddenly becomes aggressive, growling, lunging, or baring its teeth.

In most cases, the dog may bite or attack you or a family member it knows well and has never acted against before.

I have listed above some ways to control or avoid unnecessary aggressiveness from dogs, but the most important factor is training.

I hope I have answered your question Why are dogs aggressive, now!


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