Why Do Chihuahuas Dig: 12 Reasons & Solutions

Chihuahua owners who have a soil-filled backyard always ask why do Chihuahuas dig, this is exactly what we will be discussing throughout this post.

To stop your Chihuahua from digging, first, identify the source of the digging, then fix the problem, and your Chihuahua will stop digging.

That been said let’s look at some of the most common reasons why Chihuahuas may start digging your fence or backyard soil.

Why Do Chihuahuas Dig

Chihuahua digs for a variety of reasons, including separation anxiety, curiosity play aggression, a lot of energy, loneliness, wanting to get away, and looking for a cool place to relax.

You must determine why your Chihuahua is digging and address the issue as quickly as possible.

The best way is to never leave your Chihuahua outside for more than a few hours at a time and to keep him busy at all times.

1. Separation anxiety

Separation anxiety affects Chihuahuas when they are away from their owners for a lengthy period of time, or even when they are not left alone unsupervised for an extended period of time.

Separation anxiety in Chihuahuas is characterized by digging, biting, nipping, barking, self-isolation, injuries, and destructive chewing.

Separation anxiety in Chihuahuas is induced by leaving them alone at home, which may be prevented by providing a companion.

When you come home and meet your Chihuahua digging your fence or backyard don’t overlook it, try to fix it.

2. Curiosity

Dogs have a natural need to dig, and there is a multitude of reasons for this, including curiosity.

Chihuahuas are curious little dog breeds who are always inquiring about what is going on around them.

Your Chihuahua may be digging to see what’s in the hole in your fence or what’s in the hole.

Any mouse that tries to enter or leave your Chihuahua’s territory will be dug up by your Chihuahua.

3. Play aggression

Excessive digging off the fence or in the backyard, growling, snarling, flashing fangs, lunging, and biting are all signs of play aggressiveness in Chihuahuas.

It’s fairly popular among Chihuahuas since their owners always accept or promote it as the correct thing to do.

Play aggressiveness in Chihuahuas develops over time and, if not adequately regulated, can cause serious problems with your children and dog.

4. Seeking owners attention

Another strong reason for Chihuahuas digging is to get the undivided attention of their owners at any cost.

Your Chihuahua adores you and demands your undivided attention at all times.

To receive your undivided attention, your Chihuahua will engage in a variety of behaviors like digging.

Your Chihuahua may try to get your attention by digging its bed, barking, whining, or howling.

Chihuahuas may act out to seek their owners’ attention if they are bored or feel neglected.

Because they were created to be a human companion, Chihuahuas crave attention more than most dog breeds.

5. Stress or anxiety

Chihuahuas are little pets that are prone to anxiety. This might be due to their size or the breed’s function.

Knowing how to tell if your dog is fearful, nervous, or unhappy may help you prevent unpleasant behavior and give your dog a happy, healthy life.

Although stress symptoms are usually obvious, your dog’s stress communication can sometimes be subtle and surprising.

When a Chihuahua is displeased, it will dig up your garden or fence to express its dissatisfaction to the owner.

6. To cool body temperature

Chihuahuas are little dog breeds that are prone to heat exhaustion in hot weather, thus they will always seek out a cool spot.

If it’s hot outside, your Chihuahua may dig a cool and comfortable location to relax, indicating that your backyard isn’t safe.

Because it’s too hot outside, Chihuahuas digging holes in your fence or yard may be looking for a place to cool down.

As a result, if it’s hot outside and the air is oppressive, make sure they have access to a cool, shaded location.

7. Loneliness

When a youngster is lonely, bored, or hungry, he or she may cry or seek something to occupy their time, and little dog breeds like Chihuahuas are no exception.

When bored, lonely, or hungry, a Chihuahua can become aggressive and nip or attack its owners.

If no one is present to keep them engaged, they may begin excavating your fence as a means of escape or to keep themselves busy.

To protect your Chihuahua from being bored or lonely, provide them with plenty of cerebral stimulation.

8. Too much energy

Chihuahuas are a little, energetic canine breed that is always looking for something to do in order to burn off surplus energy.

Your Chihuahua may dig up your yard to blow off steam if they don’t receive enough walks, games with you, or cerebral stimulation.

You’ll need to design and stick to a regular regimen that works for both you and your Chihuahua to keep your Chihuahua entertained.

If you don’t find a method to keep your Chihuahua entertained or burn off some of his energy, he may dig.

9. Thinking of escaping

To get away from whatever is bothering them, Chihuahuas may dig holes in your fence or grass.

If your dog is afraid of something or is uneasy about it, he or she may dig to get away from it.

This might be the case if they’re merely excavating along your fence line, basement, or backyard.

If you have an open area where other dogs or animals may come in and attack your Chihuahua, this could happen.

10. Having fun

While Chihuahuas do not chew, they do like digging and may engage in nuisance barking due to their small muzzles.

Excavating the fence or backyard may seem inconvenient to you, but it is the exact opposite for your Chihuahua.

Chihuahuas like digging all day because it is pleasant for them to dig up chilly soil and roll about in it.

Digging will not be an issue for you and your Chihuahua if you provide sufficient training and mental stimulation; simply tell them what to do.

11. Frustration and depression

Frustration and depression are the major causes of unwanted behaviors in small breeds of dogs like Chihuahuas and can lead to unnecessary digging.

Lack of mental stimulation is an easy way your Chihuahua get frustrated and depressed followed by unwanted behaviors.

Changing of meal time or diet can also lead to unnecessary frustration and depression, a frustrated and depressed Chihuahua can bite.

12. Poor socialization

An unsocialized Chihuahua will get worried and anxious at even the tiniest noise, which can result in digging and other undesirable behaviors.

A worried Chihuahua could dig for consolation and comfort if there are a rainstorm or construction noises in its area.

Ways to control Chihuahuas digging

Here are some ways you can stop or control Chihuahuas for digging:

1. Keep Chihuahuas mentally active

Because there aren’t enough things for Chihuahuas to do throughout the day, they get bored and start digging in your backyard or basement.

Why not give your Chihuahua a variety of brain stimulation exercises to keep them occupied throughout the day?

You may make a treasure hunt for your Chihuahua by concealing goodies, and you can also offer them a variety of intriguing and engaging toys to keep them engaged.

2. Create a daily working schedule.

Create and follow a daily regimen that works for both you and your Chihuahua and keeps your Chihuahua occupied throughout the day.

Establishing a regular schedule ensures that your Chihuahua is kept active and entertained throughout the day.

3. Get a companion pet

Getting a second pet will help you address the majority of your Chihuahua’s behavioral issues.

Getting a second pet is never a terrible idea because Chihuahuas are prone to separation anxiety and irritation if their owners are gone for an extended period of time.

4. Eliminate curiosity

Chihuahuas dig to satisfy their curiosity, and rodents might pique a Chihuahua’s interest and cause them to begin digging up their hole.

Chihuahuas enjoy rushing about and pursuing things, so if your Chihuahua spots a mouse in your home, you should expect him to dig out of curiosity.

It’s best to keep your home free of rodents since they’ll keep your chihuahua interested and digging.

5. Teach your Chihuahua that digging is bad

When it comes to correcting your Chihuahua, using positive reinforcement yields greater results.

You must use positive reinforcement to teach your Chihuahua that digging is not desirable behavior.

It’s always a good idea to counter-condition and desensitizes your Chihuahua.

6. Make the digging areas unappealing

Rather than yelling and screaming things at your Chihuahua for digging the fence, make it unappealing for your Chihuahua to dig.

Keep objects out of reach of your Chihuahua so he doesn’t come too near to the digging sites.

You may use pine cones as a deterrent or spray the area where your Chihuahua is digging with repellent.

One of the most frequent methods for stopping your Chihuahua from digging is to distract them.

Instead of yelling and thrashing them, divert their focus away from digging.

7. Provide more interactive toys

Giving your Chihuahua chew toys is another approach to divert your Chihuahua’s focus away from chewing.

Provide a variety of intriguing and engaging toys, such as chewable, to keep children occupied.

8. Always walk your Chihuahua

Walking or exercising your Chihuahua on a daily basis is the greatest approach to prevent your dog from digging.

A fatigued dog won’t have the energy to engage in undesirable habits. In Chihuahuas and other dogs, lack of exercise is the major cause of destructive behavior.

So, at least two to three times a day, for 10 to 15 minutes each, take your pet outside for a walk or run.

I hope your concerns about Why Do Chihuahuas Dig was resolved!

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