Can Pugs Eat Watermelon: 5 Safe Ways To Feed

Can Pugs Eat Watermelon

Watermelons are great for dogs, but can Pugs eat watermelon, and since the answer is yes, how do you offer watermelon to Pugs!

This post is exactly about Pugs and watermelon, here we will look at safe ways to give Pugs watermelon, parts of watermelon Pug shouldn’t eat.

We will also, discuss some possible benefits of watermelon to Pugs, we will see if Pugs are allergic to watermelon and how much watermelon is safe for Pugs to eat.

Let me quickly answer your question can Pugs eat watermelon in a clear summary before we continue to other things.

Can Pugs Eat Watermelon

Yes, Pugs can consume watermelon since it is high in vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, and magnesium, and it is also a rich supply of water. It is also highly refreshing and will help hydrate your pug.

Because of the sugar content, it should only be given to Pugs as treats and not as a full meal.

Pugs can eat watermelon because they are prone to heat fatigue, and watermelon contains more than 95% water, which can help Pug maintain hydrated and prevent heat exhaustion.

Watermelon is therefore quite safe for Pugs, as it contains no toxic chemicals.

Watermelon is high in nutrients that are beneficial to your Pug’s health.

Despite the fact that Pugs can eat watermelon, keep an eye out for signs of stomach distress afterward.

How to feed watermelon to Pugs

Before we get into how to feed your Pug, here’s how to make watermelon for them in the easiest way possible.

If you want to buy sliced watermelon, make sure it is clean, fresh, and devoid of preservatives.

Clean and rinse your table knives and cutting boards after purchasing a good scoop of watermelon.

Refrigerate the balls after cutting the watermelon halves vertically in half and removing the seeds where you cut them.

Cut the watermelon rind into cubes for your Pug to eat easily by peeling it or cutting it with the rind from the watermelon flesh.

You can feed your Pug watermelons in a variety of safe and high-quality methods at your leisure:

1. Add watermelon cuts to your Pug dry food

We all know that kibbles or dry dog food are not the best since they will make your Pug drink more water for proper digestion.

But because of cost, people choose dry food over wet not because it’s better but because it’s cheaper.

You can make it fun by adding very small cubes of watermelon to your Pugs dry food, just to make it easier for digestion.

If you feed dry dog food (Kibbles) make sure you always give enough water to your Pug.

So to make things easier and fun, just add small cuts of watermelon without seed or rinds to your Pug dry food twice a week.

2. Use watermelon to keep your Pug hydrated during workout

We all know that Pugs are prone to heat exhaustion during workouts, and we also know that watermelon is 95% water or more.

This means you can actually give very small cubes of watermelon to your Pug before and after a workout to keep them hydrated.

Watermelon also contains antioxidants that can aid the recovery of muscle soreness after a workout.

Remember not to overdo it, just cut a watermelon into very small cubes and give your Pug to help prevent dehydration during a workout.

3. You can produce watermelon purée or juice

One of the most common ways to offer Pugs watermelon without adding anything spicy or sweet is to make a watermelon blended purée.

A blender may be used to make blended watermelon purée for your Pug puppy or adult, making it simpler to prevent choking.

You may give your Pug the watermelon purée using a spoon or something else to make it simpler for him to lick.

You can always create watermelon juice for your Pug at home once in a while.

Nothing should be added to the watermelon juice, not even water or sugar.

You may get a selection of juice extractors on Amazon to help you create watermelon juice for your Pug.

Keep in mind that too much watermelon juice in your Pug’s diet might cause health issues.

Place the watermelon juice in a feeding bottle or on a dog feeding dish for your Pug to sample.

4. Add watermelon cuts to fruit mix for your Pug

Treat your Pug to a fresh fruit mix every now and again which watermelon can be added to this fruit mix.

Watermelon may also be mixed with other nutritious fruits to make a wonderful smoothie or fruit mix or salad for your Pug.

For a delicious, dog-friendly fruit mix or salad garnish, combine sliced watermelon, strawberries with chopped melon, celery, and pears in very small cubes.

Because of their small faces, make sure to slice these fruits into very little bits before giving them to your Pug.

5. Use watermelon as treats

The most exciting aspect is giving watermelon to Pug as treats for rewarding positive reinforcement or attitude.

Watermelon can also be split into little pieces and given as a reward, present, or award during Pug behavior training.

Remove the seeds and rind from the watermelon, then slice it into small pieces for snacks or meals.

Because Pugs adore treats, you may cut up the watermelon and feed it as a treat while also keeping them hydrated.

You can also use watermelon to get your Pug to do what you want and then reward them with it. 

Watermelon that has been frozen throughout the summer months is even more pleasant.

When the weather becomes hot, this is a terrific method to keep your Pug cool. 

This holds true for other fruits as well. Keep an eye out for a list of Pug-friendly fruits, and then get creative with frozen fruit medleys.

Benefits of watermelon to Pugs

When it comes to Pugs, watermelon has several advantages. Also, don’t give your Pug any watermelon rind or seeds.

Some of the general benefits of watermelon for Pugs are as follows:

1. Watermelon can support digestion in Pugs

It’s important to note that watermelon is high in both water and fiber, both of which are good for your Pug’s digestion.

The fiber in watermelon can help your Pug produce more excrement, while the water keeps your Pug’s digestive tract operating smoothly.

2. Watermelon can support healthy skin in Pugs

Watermelon is high in vitamins A and C, which are known to be essential for healthy skin and hair.

In Pugs, vitamin C assists in the formation of collagen, a protein that keeps their skin soft and their hair healthy.

Vitamin A assists in the creation and repair of skin cells, which is important to skin health.

If your dog doesn’t get enough vitamin A, his skin may become dry and flaky.

Even though most commercial dog foods contain vitamins A and C, you should still offer your dog watermelon as a treat.

3. Watermelon can help fight sunburns in Pugs

Lycopene prevents oxidative damage to your Pug’s lipids, proteins, and DNA. Watermelon is high in lycopene.

Lycopene is a potent singlet oxygen quencher and antioxidant that may protect cells from damage, suggesting that its antioxidant effects are superior to those of other main plasma carotenoids.

4. Watermelon keeps Pugs hydrated during workout

Pugs are prone to heat exhaustion, and they are unable to survive severe dehydration.

Watermelon, for example, contains up to 90% water, keeping your Pug hydrated during a workout.

Pugs enjoy watermelons not because they taste delicious, but because the water content relaxes them.

5. Watermelon can help with muscular pain

Watermelon juice offers some promise for your Pug as a post-workout or leisure treat.

Citrulline’s ability to reduce muscle pain might be attributed to this.

As a consequence, following training and exercises, we propose offering your Pug watermelon.

Disadvantages of overfeeding watermelon to Pugs

Here are some of the negative consequences of overfeeding your Pug with watermelons:

  1. If you overfeed ripe watermelon to your Pug, his blood sugar levels may rise.
  2. Eating too much watermelon might cause gastric problems in Pugs.
  3. Pugs gain weight due to the high sugar content of watermelon.
  4. Pugs that eat too much ripe watermelon may have digestive issues.
  5. Overfeeding your Pug with watermelon might result in diarrhea.
  6. You should expect stomach pain and nausea if you overfeed your Pug watermelon.
  7. Pugs will get abdominal pains if they eat too much watermelon.
  8. Too much watermelon can cause stomach bloating in Pugs.

Are Pugs allergic to watermelon

While Pugs are not allergic to watermelon, it’s essential to remember that each Pug is unique, and may be sensitive to foods that are generally considered safe for dogs.

As a result, dog owners must introduce little parts of watermelon as incentives over time in order to safely watch how their Pug reacts to the goodies.

If your Pug exhibits any indications of distress after eating watermelon, contact your veterinarian.

How much watermelon is safe for Pugs

Watermelon contains several vitamins, including vitamins A, B6, and C. These are great, but only in little amounts, like as a moisturizer or a snack and treat.

Watermelon should be treated as a treat rather than a full meal, and it should not account for more than 10% of a Pug’s daily calories or meal.

No Pug should take more than 10% of their daily calories in the form of snacks or treats, as we recommend. 

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Parts of watermelon Pugs shouldn’t eat

Watermelon seeds and rind should never be fed to your Pug because they contain high molecular weight chemicals that are difficult to digest for your dog and can cause health problems.

They may jam your puppy’s digestive tract unnecessarily due to their indigestibility, causing your Pug to struggle.

Keep in mind that while a single watermelon seed may not seem like much, a significant quantity of them might induce a digestive obstruction.

Adult Pugs may have little trouble passing semen, however, younger Pugs are more prone to constipation.

I hope your question Can Pugs Eat Watermelon was answered to your understanding!

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Experts like AKC also agree dogs can eat watermelon!