Why Do Male Cats Run Away: 6 Reasons

Why Male Cats Run Away From Owners - Ultimate Solutions

People always ask why do male cats run away and that is exactly what we will be discussing.

Do you have a male cat, and you are wondering the possible reasons why male cats run away from owners then you are in the right post.

In this post you will also get possible solutions on how to stop your male cat from running away. That been said lets get down to the topic of the day.

Why do male cats run away

Male cats run away from owners for different reasons, but the major reason why male cats run away from owners is to search for female cats to satisfy their male needs or reproductive needs.

Here are the reasons why male cats run away from owners and how to control them.

1. Reproductive Reasons

Reproductive reasons - Why Male Cats Run Away From Owners
Reproductive reasons – Why Male Cats Run Away From Owners

Reproductive reason without any contradiction or argument is the major or ultimate reason why male cats run away from owners.

Even though you can control this reason but a male cat still remains a male cat.

A male cat can roam for a long distance in search of a female cat and this will definitely keep them away from their owner if not controlled.

When a male cat gets to some age range, there will be this sexual drive that must be controlled and if you do nothing your male cat may leave home and never come home.

A male cat can run away with a female cat into the woods where if not tracked and recovered will eventual become a wild cat.


The best way to stop the male cat from running away from owners because of reproductive issues is by castrating the male cat (this is the removal of a male reproductive organ).

The male reproductive organ is what controls the sexual drive, which will make your male cat run outside in search of a female cat and oftentimes may not come back.

Another effective way is to cat-proof your compound to prevent the male cat from going out (this is building a cat fence around the compound).

You can get a female cat or talk to your neighbor if he or she is a cat lover to get a female cat and allow or take your cat to see your neighbor cat once in a while.

2. Presences of stronger animal

Male cats are very territorial in nature and wouldn’t like to have or animal compete with them, therefore when a male cat encounters a bigger or stronger animal in his territory there are high chances that the male cat can run away.

A bigger dog in your neighborhood can force your male cat to run away from home, it could even be your neighbor’s full-grown turkey that will keep going after your male cat till your cat run away to a safe environment.

Another full-grown male cat can even chase your male cat far away from home and if you don’t track your cat and recovery it back, your cat won’t come back to such an environment.


One of the best ways to solve this is to monitor your cat’s movement, if you don’t have time you can pay someone to track your cat and give you results of your cat’s movements on a daily basis for at least one week.

Another effective way is to build a cat-proof fence around the specific section where your cat always goes to rest, this is just like creating your cat but in a bigger or natural way.

A good way is to use one of the best cat tracking devices this or this to know or monitor your cat’s way about or movements.

This will also give you inner peace of mind knowing you will always track your cat.

3. Hunting instincts

Do you know your male cat can chase a mouse for about 5 to 20 meters away from your neighborhood and if your male cat keeps going after the mouse over time, don’t rule out the possibilities of one day your cat may get trapped and never come home!

Cats are natural hunters with great hunting instincts and can survive on their own in the wild, so expect to see your male cat from time to time exhibit hunting instincts especially if you live close to the woods or bush.


To be honest, it is difficult to train out the hunting instincts out from a cat, if you have someone who succeeded with this I would like to know.

No matter how you train your cat, at the sight of a mouse, your cat’s reactions will tell you about its great hunting instincts.

That been said, let’s lookout for a few ways to control this.

From experience, the simple way is just to stop your cat from going out of your compound.

Because if you build a fence around your compound when any mouse trespass or cross over the fence. It’s a no-go back for such a mouse.

No matter how you want to see it cats will always be smarter than rats. If any mouse crosses the fence such mouse is dead.

Another way of controlling this is to keep your male cat busy indoors.

4. Abuse, Less care, and too much freedom

Why won’t your male cat run away since you allow it to move from one neighborhood to another like a home-less cat!

Before the day ends, your male cat must have gotten in 2 or more fights with other cats.

Do you think your male will not run away when another cat lover a few blocks away from your home makes your cat more comfortable, feeds it more, and even play with your cat?

Because of the hunting instincts of a cat, a male cat will always believe he can make it or survive in the wild and when you abuse them or beat them unnecessarily one day before you come home they will be long gone.

Showing less care for your male cat is an easy way of telling your cat to try another environment. So you have to find time to care for your cat aways.

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Build a fence around your cat and don’t allow your cat to move up and down in the street or around the neighborhood, this will make them feel unsafe around your home.

Don’t beat up your cat for doing wrong, take your time and correct them when they do wrong, stop shouting at your male cat, this will make feel as if they are not loved or welcome around your home anymore.

Limit the amount of freedom you give to your cat, which is how not allowing them to go to when they like and come back when they like.

5. Better Environment, New family members or New animals

Always create a comfortable cat-like environment for your male cat, if your environment is not cat friendly then your cat won’t live with you for long.

Let’s say your neighbor kids are always throwing stones at your cat when you’re not looking.

If you have such an environment, chances are that your cant will run away and never come back.

New family members can make the compound noisy or may hit or are always chasing your cat, then this will give your male cat a high chance of running away but will still come home from time to time if such a family member is out.

Bringing in a new animal may make your cat uncomfortable and this will end up sending your cat away to another environment.


New animals - Why Male Cats Run Away From Owners
New animals – Why Male Cats Run Away From Owners

Take your time to integrate a new animal into your home and make sure both animals become friends.

When a new family visits, be sure to introduce the person to your cat and make them become friends using treats.

Make your home to be very comfortable for your cat, get toys and many other things that will keep your cat busy at home always.

6. Feeding issues

This is a big issue because sometimes you might think you’re getting it wrong.

Not feeding your cat properly is an easy way to tell your cant to go find food elsewhere and this will one day bounce back on you.

If you have a male cat make sure you feed it twice a day or your neighbor that is a cat lover who lives a few blocks away will become the new owner of your cat.

Don’t think because you heard that cats can hunt, and you won’t feed them.


Get good approved and high-quality food for your cat, don’t start to feed your male cat from the kitten stage with human food.