7 Reasons For Shih Tzu Barking At Night

Shih Tzu Barking At Night

We’ll go through some of the most prevalent reasons for Shih Tzu barking at night.

As a long-time dog enthusiast, I’ll also go through some of the most frequent techniques to stop your Shih Tzu from barking at night.

It’s crucial to remember that the Shih Tzu is a little dog breed that is easily scared by larger animals or objects.

Shih Tzu Barking At Night

Fear, distress, the presence of other dogs, anxiety, loneliness, pain, poor socialization, seeking attention, and frightening a stranger away from its owner are among the common reasons why Shih Tzu bark at night.

Shih Tzus do bark at night, despite being a peaceful breed with a reputation for not barking much.

Barking is a natural dog habit. Excessive barking, on the other hand, can be upsetting for both you and your dog.

It will become an even bigger issue if your dog barks continually at night.

Almost sure, your neighbors are already complaining about the noise your dog is making.

Shih Tzu bark at night for a variety of reasons

The following are some of the most common reasons why your Shih Tzu bark at night:

1. Fear

This fear is one of the primary reasons Shih Tzu barks at night, preventing you from having a decent night’s sleep.

The German shepherd, for example, is an outstanding security dog that can be educated to overcome its fear instinct.

How your dog reacts to fear depends on how you trained it, whether as a guard dog or as a pet dog.

You can expect more fear symptoms if you’ve trained your Shih Tzu to be a pet dog than if you’ve trained it to be a security dog.

Don’t disregard your dog’s barking continuously at a late-night location; investigate.

When you get to the site where your Shih Tzu is barking, try to figure out what’s happening.

Remember to bring or summon your Shih Tzu to the same spot, since this has been found to help them overcome their fear the next time something similar occurs.


It is important you introduce or expose your Shih Tzu to its object of fear from the puppy stages.

Socializing your Shih Tzu with other dogs or pets is one simple option while exposing your Shih Tzu to the fearful object is another.

If it’s a person, introduce your Shih Tzu to them, or better yet, remove any frightening objects from your Shih Tzu’s life.

2. Separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is a typical cause of barking when a dog is left alone.

A dog’s physical and emotional need to be with other humans may cause separation anxiety.

If you feel your Shih Tzu has separation anxiety, educate yourself about the problem and get help from a skilled trainer or behaviorist.

Separation anxiety, on the other hand, makes Shih Tzus aggressive and causes them to bark excessively.

Ways to solve separation anxiety in Shih Tzus

  1. Allow your Shih Tzu to sleep in your room with you if you can.
  2. Curl up with your Shih Tzu till he falls asleep.
  3. Sleep near your Shih Tzu’s sleeping area.
  4. To exhaust your Shih Tzu, play his favorite game towards night and that will make your Shih Tzu sleep well at night.
  5. Find a way to keep your Shih Tzu occupied, such as by giving him little bones to gnaw on.

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3. Lack of socialization

This is a major issue for most dog owners since it not only keeps you up at night but also causes your dog to become unstable and violent when it isn’t needed.

To minimize unneeded stress, always endeavor to live with a well-socialized dog; a lack of proper socialization is a major reason for your dog barking excessively at night.

When they hear other dogs barking or detect movement in the neighborhood, a Shih Tzu that hasn’t been properly socialized will begin barking.

Because you never exposed your Shih Tzu to such loudness during the day, he might start barking merely because he heard a disturbance from your neighborhood.

How to socialize a Shih Tzu

  1. Take your Shih Tzu to meet other dog owners as often as possible.
  2. With your Shih Tzu, go to dog shows.
  3. Take your Shih Tzu to a dog park.
  4. Inviting your neighbors with other pets to join you is a good idea.
  5. Take your Shih Tzu to the woods.
  6. With your Shih Tzu, go to puppy classes.
  7. You can enjoy your favorite TV shows with your Shih Tzu.
  8. For your Shih Tzu, play dog movies on vinyl.

4. Presence of other dogs

When other dogs intrude on their area, Shih Tzu may be rather noisy, especially if they haven’t been properly socialized.

You can be sure that when the neighbors’ dogs start barking late at night, your Shih Tzu will join in.

Shih Tzus are territorial dogs who will constantly detect the presence of other dogs or pets, as excellent watchdogs do.


You may always socialize your Shih Tzu so that he or she accepts and is calm with other dogs.

Do not become irritated or start shouting at your Shih Tzu if it barks at night. Simply try to draw your Shih Tzu’s attention away from you.

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5. Seek attention

A dog, especially a Shih Tzu, will bark or bite if it needs attention.

Shih Tzus are typically bred as companion dogs, spending most of their time with their owners.

As a result, they rely on their owners for everything, including affection, food, water, and medical care.

Unless you’re very cautious, the cute little dog you think you know will transform overnight into something altogether different.

Your dog will most likely react to this shift by barking, hacking, or leaping at you.


Simply create a timetable for them to follow so that they receive what they require before they ask or while you are away.

When dogs, on the other hand, want assistance, they may cease barking.

Make sure he or she pees before you go to bed, or leave a door open, so he may go outside and pee without keeping you up.

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6. Excessive energy

Too much energy at night is caused by a lack of activity throughout the day.

One of the biggest reasons Shih Tzus stay awake at night when they should be resting is because they are not guarding dogs.

Shih Tzus are high-energy dogs who are always searching for ways to burn off steam; they would be unable to sleep at night if they didn’t have them.


Your Shih Tzu will get enough exercise from daily walks of 10 to 15 minutes or a fetch game.

Get a lot of interactive toys for your Shih Tzu to keep them occupied all day.

This will allow them to expend surplus energy while also allowing them to sleep like a baby at night.

You may also play a short game with your Shih Tzu before night to help them burn off some energy since a tired dog is a happy dog.

7. Perceived burglary threat

The majority of dog breeds were bred to protect livestock, and this guarding instinct is passed along down the generations, making them intelligent and sensitive to perceived burglary dangers in their surroundings.

This kind of dog will always be the first to notice or detect any movement that might indicate a burglary threat and will try to alert you by barking.

Shih Tzus are not guarding dogs, but they are excellent watchdogs that will alert their owners if a stranger approaches.

Keep in mind that Shih Tzus, for example, are great watchdogs, so keep an eye out for excessive barking late at night.

I hope your question about Shih Tzu Barking At Night was answered!

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