6 Home Remedies to Keep Cats Away

Home Remedies to Keep Cats Away

Home remedies to keep cats away – Keeping cats away from our home has been an issue from the very first time cats were domesticated.

And if you’re here because you are seeking home remedies to keep cats away from your home then you are in the right post.

The best home remedies to keep cats away from your home are to cat-proof your home or garden, use natural cat repellents, sound barriers, and above all track the cat and talk to the owner.

Now we have given a short summary of the home remedies to keep cats away from your home or property, lets try to break it down so that you better understand each of the points.

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Home Remedies to Keep Cats Away

Here are the best home remedies to keep cats away from your home.

1. Cat-proof your home

Cat-proofing your home - Home Remedies to Keep Cats Away
Cat-proofing your home – Home Remedies to Keep Cats Away

Cat-proofing your home is simply the closing down of all entry and exit paths of a cat into your home and can be done in different ways.

No matter the angle you are viewing it from, cat-proofing your home is simply among the best if not the best home remedies to keep cats away from your home.

This is because for a cat to come into your home the must be an entry and exit route.

There are basically many ways you can cat-proof your home which include a wooden fence, barbed wire fence, plastic fence, and so on.

But the most recommended is the barbed wire fence because it lasts longer and cats can’t climb it. Smart cats can climb a wooden fence.

Cat-proofing your compound is not necessarily building a new fence but could be closing all the cat entrance holes in the already existing fence.

Once you properly shut down all entry paths, you won’t worry about having a cat come into your home.

If you must use an electric wired fence which we don’t encourage, then be sure to indicate with a signboard to avoid electrocution.

There is another way around which is to get a good Garden Cat Scare Mats, this is very effective too.

2. Use cat sound barriers

Cat sound barriers are very effective when trying to get home remedies to keep cats away from your home because certain sounds repel cats away from your home.

There are lots of cat sound barriers out there that can act as home remedies to keep cats away from your home.

There are even PREDATOR GUARD Pest Away Ultrasonic Outdoor Animal & Cat Repeller with Motion Sensor Stops Pest Animals Destroying Your Gardens & Yard, which is the one we recommend.

When cats hear any unusual repelling sounds they understand it as a stay away factor and the keep off from such area.

Good sound repellant like the one stated above costs a few dollars and if you imagine the stress you will go through to stop a cat then you will see the need of getting one.

Another important device you can use is the motion-activated sprinkler for cats.

This is also very effective in putting away cats that have already gained entrance into your compound.

3. Track the cat and talk to the owner

Every cat has an owner, except for wild cats which hardly come by.

So why not save your time and money, just ask for the owner of the cat and talk to the owner, give the owner reasons to stop the cat from coming to your house.

If you have talked to the owner and the owner cant control the cat from coming to your house, there is another cool option to save yourself the stress.

You can always contact the animal control and removal team to do their work, and this makes life a lot easier for you. However, it’s good to own a cat.

4. Use cat deterrents

Using cat deterrents is actually a modern way of keeping cats away from home, its effect has not been fully documented, however, it’s still a good way to keep cats away from home.

Coleus Canina plant

This plant is a herb from the mint family Lamiaceae, native to southern and eastern Africa from Angola to Sudan and to India and Myanmar.

Coleus Canina smells so bad that it will repel cats, dogs, rabbits, and any other small mammal that might otherwise get into the garden and eat the plants around any home.

This plant is also called “Scaredy Cat Coleus.”

This unusual plant acts as a natural deterrent to cats.

All you need to do is to just get the plant and plant it around your compound or around the specific area you don’t want any cat to trespass.

What are plants that can repel cats?

You can get any of the listed plants and place it in all entry points of the cat.

  • Rue
  • Citronella
  • Lemongrass
  • Eucalyptus
  • Lavender
  • Rosemary
  • Geraniums
  • Pennyroyal

5. Use water repellent

Cats generally run away from a running tap or flashes of water, and you can use this to your advantage

All you need to do is to get a tank full of water attached to a Scarecrow Sprinkler then position it at the entry point.

This setup will automatically pick up movements and release a good or large quantity of water towards the moving cat, and this will send the cat or dog back to where it’s coming from.

This method is more effective if you have only one entry unit, and the said cat uses the same entry unit.

When the cat visits two or three times and didn’t gain entrance the cat will try else where.

You can even add a good quantity of grounded pepper into the water tank, the setup is easy but if your cat sets it up just get a good plumber in your area to fix it.

6. Use homemade cat repellents

Let’s look at some homemade cat repellents you can make in your home, you can use them in places you don’t want cats to gain entry.

These are also home remedies to keep cats away.

Orange Peel Cat Repellent

Orange Peels - Home Remedies to Keep Cats Away
Orange Peels – Home Remedies to Keep Cats Away

First, let’s look at the ingredients to use for the orange peel cat repellents.

  • 1 and half cup of freshly dried orange peel powder (home dried)
  • 1 full teaspoon of garlic powder
  • 4 teaspoons of Lemon-scented dish soap
  • 100cl of water
  • Hand sprayer
  • Half teaspoon of high scent pepper

Method 1

Heat up the water for about 10 mins allow cooling for some time, pour into a bowl and add the garlic powder and keep stirring it

Add the pepper and keep stirring, add the lemon-scented dish liquid soap and keep stirring, finally add the dried orange peel and stir.

Allow the mixture to stand for about 1 – 2 hours, do not filter it as the residue will still remain in the sprayed area even after the scent is all gone. It is best to spray it around 6 – 7 pm.

Method 2

This method is used when you are too busy and don’t have time to dry and grind the orange peel.

Put the orange peel into a bowl and heat up 150cl of water for about 15 mins.

Pour the warm water into a bowl and add the orange peels then wait for a 1-hour filter off the peels and add the pepper, add others about listed ingredients stir, and allow proper mixture.


Fill your hand sprayer with the solution and shake it to properly mix every time you want to apply.

Spray it on the entry point of the cat I bet you the cat will not stand it, this has been proven to work effectively.

Spray it after every 7 to 10 hours until the cat is gone for real.

Lemon & Pepper Cat Repellent

This is similar to the orange peel repellant but more effective even to cat owners who want to keep their cats away from spoiling their items or furniture.



Add the lemon or lime peels into 400cl of water and boil for 15 to 20 mins until the bark turns an orange color.

Allow cooling then add 1 and half of Cayenne pepper, or black pepper then stir.

Add 4 drops of Lemon essential oil and stir.

Finally, add 1 teaspoon fresh grounded garlic to the mixture stir and filter out, pour the quantity you want into the hand spray bottle and apply.

Apply this to the furniture that your cat is always scratching or apply in all entry points of a cat and the cat will be gone, you can apply it for three days and the said cat will look for another playground to your home.

If you are using it to stop a cat from scratching your furniture, then the concentrations of the ingredient will differ and will be very low.

Vinegar Pepper Repellant

This is the simplest but still effective method, however, it does not last long and requires you to apply every 6 to 8 hours. This is more effective when the area you’re trying to keep a cat off is small.


  • Vinegar
  • Dry mustard
  • cinnamon
  • ginger


Add about 50cl of vinegar into a bowl depending on the quantity you want to produce.

Add half a teaspoon of powder ginger and stir, also add half a teaspoon of powder cinnamon or any pepper available to you, finally add 1/3 teaspoon of powder mustard.

Pour the quantity you want into the hand spray and apply it to every entry point of the cat or to the furniture to keep cats or rats away.

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Home remedies to keep cats away from home can be viewed from different angles, and different suggestions will always be made.

We strongly recommend two approaches when talking about home remedies to keep cats away from either home or garden which are as follows;

The cat-proofing method is very effective since this will not only keep cats away from your home but will also save you the troubles or invasion of other rodents, dogs, etc.

Secondly, why not save yourself the stress and make out time to track the cat simply by following the cat home and having a decent talk with the owner of the cat.

And if the owner of the cat cannot control it, then contact the animal control team to pick up the cat.