Can Shih Tzu Eat Watermelon: Benefits & 5 Ways To Feed

Can Shih Tzu Eat Watermelon

Can Shih Tzu eat watermelon is an interesting question among most Shih Tzu owners, in this post, we will outline and discuss some possible benefits of serving watermelon to Shih Tzus.

We will also outline and discuss some common ways you can serve watermelon to your Shih Tzu.

Everybody knows that Shih Tzus are prone to heat exhaustion when put through too much exercise or stress.

We also know that water consumption can help to regulate hot temperatures, and that water makes up more than 95 percent of watermelon.

Let me quickly answer your question Can Shih Tzu Eat Watermelon before we continue to other things.

Can Shih Tzu Eat Watermelon

Shih Tzus can eat watermelon because they are prone to heat exhaustion, and watermelon contains more than 95 percent water, which can assist Shih Tzu to control hydration and heat exhaustion. Watermelon is also a rich source of calcium, potassium, and vitamins A, C, B6, and B1.

Watermelon is therefore highly safe for Shih Tzus because it contains no hazardous compounds for dogs.

Watermelon is packed with nutrients that are vital for your Shih Tzu’s wellness.

Even though Shih Tzu can eat watermelon, keep a watch out for indications of gastrointestinal trouble later.

The watermelon fruit has just approximately 50 calories per cup and is 92 percent water, so it’s perfect for hydration on a hot day for dogs, according to The American Kennel Club. It’s also low in fat and cholesterol, so you can eat it guilt-free.

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Can Shih Tzus eat watermelon skin

Although watermelon skin is not harmful to Shih Tzus, the peel and rind can be tough to chew and digest.

If your Shih Tzu has eaten the watermelon bark, don’t panic; it will recover.

However, feeding watermelon skin or bark on a regular basis increases the danger of sickness and internal obstructions.

Can Shih Tzus eat watermelon with white seeds

Watermelon white seeds are not dangerous to Shih Tzus, but the mature black seed can be. If your Shih Tzu has eaten a few white seeds, don’t panic.

Although eating too many watermelon seeds might cause intestinal obstruction, it’s preferable to remove them before feeding your Shih Tzu watermelon, which is actually extremely nutritious but in moderation.

White watermelon seeds are really immature black seeds. Because they’re still growing and developing, they’re delicate and nearly translucent.

Are Shih Tzus allergic to watermelon

Although Shih Tzus are not allergic to watermelon, it’s important to note that each Shih Tzu is different, and they, like people, may be allergic to foods that are safe for most dogs.

As a result, dog owners must gradually introduce little portions of watermelon as incentives so that they may safely observe how their Shih Tzu reacts to the treats.

Consult your veterinarian if your Shih Tzu shows any signs of difficulty after eating watermelon.

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Parts of watermelon to avoid giving to Shih Tzus

Watermelon seeds and rind should never be given to your Shih Tzu since they include high molecular weight compounds that are difficult for your dog to digest and, as a result, can create unwanted health concerns.

Because they are indigestible, they might clog your puppy’s digestive tract needlessly, causing your Shih Tzu to have a hard time.

Keep in mind that while a single watermelon seed may not seem like much, a large number of watermelon seeds might cause a clog in the digestive tract.

Adult Shih Tzus may be able to pass semen without difficulty, while younger Shih Tzus are more susceptible to constipation.

How to prepare watermelon for Shih Tzus

Before we get into how to feed your Shih Tzu, here’s the simplest method to prepare watermelon for them.

Do not purchase a sliced watermelon unless you are certain that it is clean, fresh, and free of preservatives.

Purchase a healthy scoop of watermelon, clean and rinse the dust, then clean your table knives and cutting boards.

Cut the watermelon halves vertically in half, remove the seeds where you cut them, and refrigerate the balls.

Peel the watermelon rind or cut it with the rind from the watermelon flesh, then cut it into cubes for your Shih Tzu to eat effortlessly.

How to feed watermelon to Shih Tzus

There are various safe and high-quality ways to feed your Shih Tzu watermelons that you can do at your own pace:

1. Watermelon in salad

Serve a fruit salad to your Shih Tzu as a treat now and again.

Watermelon may also be blended with other healthy fruits to produce a delicious smoothie or fruit salad that will keep your Shih Tzu happy and healthy.

Combine peeled and sliced strawberries with chopped melon, celery, and pears for a delightful, dog-friendly salad garnish.

Due to the size of their faces, make sure you chop these fruits into very little chunks and offer them to your Shih Tzu.

2. Watermelon food mix

This will pique your interest if you enjoy having a good time and experiencing new things.

Watermelon may be sliced into extremely small pieces and mixed with your Shih Tzu’s dry or wet diet.

This is not something you should do every day; once or twice a week is perfectly good and safe for your Shih Tzu.

Don’t overdo it with the watermelon chunks in your dog’s diet; moderation is crucial.

3. Watermelon as treats

Giving watermelon to Shih Tzus is the most intriguing part.

During Shih Tzu training, watermelon can also be sliced into little pieces and offered as a treat, gift, or award.

Remove the watermelon’s seeds, rind and chop it into little pieces; these can be used as treats or meals.

Shih Tzu enjoys rewards, so you may always chop the watermelon into little pieces and serve it as a treat while also keeping them hydrated.

4. Watermelon as hydrants

Shih Tzus are little canines that are prone to overheating or heat exhaustion while exercising for lengthy periods of time.

Due to the shape of their nose, Shih Tzus might experience breathing problems when agitated or active.

Watermelon, chopped into very small pieces, can be given to your Shih Tzu before or after an exercise to keep them hydrated.

Use small pieces of watermelon for a low-calorie exercise. After an exercise, this will keep your Shih Tzu hydrated and reduce dehydration. 

5. Watermelon purée

One of the most typical methods to offer watermelon to Shih Tzus is as a purée.

You can produce watermelon purée for your Shih Tzu in a blender, making it easier for you to avoid unpleasant choking in your puppy or adult.

You may puree your watermelon if you like, but make sure you don’t add anything edible.

Watermelon purée can be given to Shih Tzus as a treat rather than as food.

How much watermelon is safe for Shih Tzus

Vitamins A, B6, and C are among the many vitamins found in watermelon. These are fantastic, but only in tiny doses, such as as a moisturizer or a snack and treats

Consider watermelon as treat rather than a whole meal and watermelon should not make up more than 10% of a Shih Tzu daily meal or calories.

 I recommend that no dog consumes more than 10% of their daily calories in the form of snacks or treats.

Benefits of feeding watermelon to Shih Tzus

When it comes to Shih Tzus, watermelon offers a lot of benefits. Also, avoid feeding your Shih Tzu skin or seeds.

The following are some of the general advantages of watermelon for Shih Tzus:

1. Watermelon helps fight sunburns

Lycopene protects the lipids, proteins, and DNA of your Shih Tzu from oxidative damage. Lycopene is abundant in watermelon.

Lycopene is a powerful singlet oxygen quencher and antioxidant that may help protect cells from injury, implying that its antioxidant properties are superior to those of other major plasma carotenoids.

2. Watermelon improves digestion

It’s crucial to remember that watermelon has a lot of water and a lot of fiber, both of which are beneficial to your Shih Tzu’s digestion.

Watermelon fiber can help boost the amount of your Shih Tzu feces, while the water keeps your Shih Tzu digestive tract running smoothly.

3. Watermelon keeps Shih Tzu hydrated

Heat exhaustion is a common occurrence in Shih Tzus, and they cannot survive dehydration.

Watermelon, interestingly, has up to 90% water, which will keep your Shih Tzu hydrated.

Watermelons are a favorite of Shih Tzus not because they taste good, but because the water content calms them down.

4. Watermelon supports healthy skin and hair in Shih Tzus

Vitamins A and C, which are recognized to be vital for good skin and hair, are found in plenty in watermelon.

Vitamin C aids in the production of collagen in Shih Tzus, a protein that maintains their skin supple and their hair healthy.

Vitamin A is also beneficial to skin health since it aids in the formation and repair of skin cells.

Your puppy’s skin might become dry and flaky if he doesn’t get enough vitamin A.

Despite the fact that most commercially available dog feeds contain vitamins A and C, you should still give your dog watermelon as a treat.

5. Watermelon relieves muscle soreness in Shih Tzus

Watermelon juice has some potential as a post-workout or leisure treat for your Shih Tzu.

Citrulline’s ability to relieve muscular soreness might be due in part to this.

As a result, we recommend giving your Shih Tzu watermelon after training and exercises. 

6. Watermelon supports heart health in Shih Tzus

Watermelon contains various heart-healthy ingredients, including lycopene, citrulline, and citrulline, which are amino acids that help the body produce more nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide has been shown to dilate blood arteries, lowering blood pressure.

It is therefore a good idea to give your Shih Tzu watermelon as treats once per week and in moderation.

Effects of overfeeding your Shih Tzu with watermelon

Here are some side effects of feeding your Shih Tzu with too many watermelons;

  1. Increased body weight
  2. Bloating
  3. Diarrhea
  4. Abdominal cramps

I hope your question Can Shih Tzu Eat Watermelon was answered!

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