Beagle Abuse: 16 Ways You Abuse Beagles Without Knowing

Beagle Abuse

Beagle abuse? What do beagles consider as abuse?

Beagles are among the most popular breeds of dogs used as pets.

Most of the time we abuse our beagle without knowing is abuse.

Beagles were selectively bred to hunt small birds, hares, rabbits, and foxes. But today beagles are used as pets.

In this article we will try to outline all the possible ways you can abuse your beagle.

After reading this post you should be able to understand how to treat your beagle to avoid abusing them.

There are many rescue groups that help rescue

Beagle Abuse: What Beagles Consider As Abuse

Here is the list of things beagles consider as abuse which their owners may not see as abuse.

Using Beagles In Laboratory Research

It is not a new story that beagles are always victims of laboratory research and are used for most experiments.

This is seen by most beagle owners as abuse and sometimes considered inhumane.

Rubbing Beagle Poop on their mouth

This is one of those things beagles see as abuse and can attack you.

When you come back from work and you see your well-trained beagles poop on the floor then something is not right.

Look for a way out and not grabbing your Beagle and rubbing the poop on its mouth thinking that will solve the problem.

Rubbing poop on your beagle mouth will never solve the problem.

Or when your beagle is still learning how to use the litter box. Be patient with your beagle.

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Always shouting at your beagle

When you keep shouting at your beagle at the sight of any error.

Shouting at your beagle instead of making corrections is what beagles and humans consider abuse.

Your beagle should be your best friend, and when your best friend offends you will shouting solve the problem?

Keeping Your Beagle In Create All Day Long

You are abusing your beagle if you have to lock your beagle in a create all day long.

What this means is that your beagle will poop inside the create and still urinate inside.

Your beagle has to stay inside the create with the poop and urine till you come back, beagles and humans consider these acts as abuse.

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Chaining Your Beagle All Day Long

Sometimes beagle owners think putting them under a chain is the best way but actually is not.

How can you leave a beagle on-chain for morning till when you get back from work.

This is why most beagles get aggressive over time.

Your beagle will poop and urinate in the same spot and remain there until you come back.

Beagles and humans consider these acts abuse.

Allowing Your Beagle to Feed From Leftovers

If you must keep any pet you have to accept the responsibilities that comes with keeping a pet.

Allowing your beagle to eat leftovers is what humans and beagles consider abuse.

If you can no longer feed your beagle with fresh food which aids healthy growth and development you should consider giving your beagle to someone who can care more.

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Beating Up Your Beagle

This is a very bad experience for beagles and can change them to be more aggressive as they grow.

You should start obedience training as early as you can to avoid unnecessary behaviors.

Using Electric Collar On Your Beagle

This act is prohibited in most countries and humans and beagles consider this as abuse.

People do these mostly when their dogs do things that are difficult to let go of.

However, this is considered dog abuse and can have penalties in most countries.

Starving Your Beagle

Starving Your Beagle - Beagle Abuse
Starving Your Beagle – Beagle Abuse

This is bad and considered beagle abuse, starving your beagle unnecessarily is a bad experience for beagles.

Starving your beagle can make your beagle be very aggressive, and it can lead to dog attacks.

Maybe your beagle did something wrong the best way is not to starve your beagle when you should be making corrections.

Inproper Beagle House Sanitation

Allowing your beagle to stay in a dirty environment is beagle abuse, and it can cause your beagle to be sick.

Keeping a dirty litter box or not cleaning where your beagle sleep is beagle abuse and is bad.

There are lots of diseases beagles get from a dirty environment so do your best to keep your beagle environment clean at all times.

Lack of Grooming Time

Allowing your beagle to groom themselves is a bad practice and can lead to a health issue known as hairballs.

It is a bad practice not to groom your beagle, do your best to groom your beagle once a week as this will remove the dead fur that will cause health issues.

Not Socializing Your Beagle

Socializing your beagle is part of your duty as a beagle owner.

Socialized beagles live healthier and happier than non-socialized beagles.

Dropping Food On Bare Floor For Your Beagle

This is the highest level of beagle abuse you can think of.

Beagles that eat on bare floor 60% of the time grow to become aggressive beagles.

Respect your beagle and put their food in a clean can and also serve them clean water.

Lack Of Medical Attention

Lack Of Medical Attention - Beagle Abuse
Lack Of Medical Attention – Beagle Abuse

Diseases reduce the lifespan of beagles and not giving your beagle medical attention is what human and beagles consider as beagle abuse.

How healthy and happy your beagle lives is dependent on medical attention you offer to your beagle.

Not paying attention to a sick beagle is considered as beagle abuse.

Using Your Beagle For Fighting Competition

Using a beagle for any racing or fighting competition is the highest beagle abuse.

These shows you have no respect for your beagle as they are many breeds of dog specially breed for fighting.

Keeping More Than Four Beagles In A Small Property

Keeping lots of beagles under the same small apartment is considered as beagle abuse.

Even if you are a breeder you should never keep many beagles in a small property